Leftover Woman

Available on: Wattpad


Yiwen Wang had the perfect life until she finds her fiance with his head buried in some woman’s fake boobs. What’s worse? The boobs belong to a co-worker five years her junior!

Yiwen’s checklist of success:

✓ An apartment in Shanghai’s most expensive district

✓ A job most women would kill for

✕ A tall, rich, and handsome husband

Zian Li has movie star looks… and nothing else.

Zian’s checklist of success:

✕ Earn lots of money

✕ Buy a nice house and car

✕ Marry and have kids

In a society where the checklist to success is clearly defined, is there room for true love? What happens when a woman who almost has it all, meets a younger man who fits none of her standards but offers her love?

book, story, romance, chicklit, shanghai, china, wattpad
by Meixia

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