Lookbook: My Sweet Valentine

The much-hyped Valentine’s day is coming tomorrow – hooray! To be honest, I’m kind of half-hearted about Valentine’s, only because I don’t think it’s necessary to cram all our expectations and efforts on romance into one single day. Cliche as this may sound, for me, what’s ideal is for every day to be like Valentine’s day. Building a relationship is a constant effort that requires a daily investment of your time, sometimes money, and love. Or, maybe I’m just boring? 😀

Valentine's day, couple, romance, love
My funny Valentine and I ❤

Nevertheless, don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against Valentine’s day! It’s nice to celebrate and put special effort into acknowledging your loved ones every once in a while.

I’m sure those who care about this holiday have already made the necessary preparations, but I’d like to share a last-minute outfit idea in the hopes that it’ll help ladies who are still searching online for inspiration.

2017-02-13-10.01.46-1.jpg.jpegstreet style, zara, ootd, fashion, china, asian

These photos were taken during summer of last year when the off-shoulder trend was at its peak. Even now, I still love this look because tops and dresses that bare the shoulders but have long sleeves are very forgiving to people with big arms like me. Recently, I’ve gained several pounds so I’ve been quite conscious about my arms since I feel like they became so flabby! 😦

I paired the look with a simple choker. This is another trend that I’m so glad is back. In my opinion, chokers automatically add a cool factor to any look, whilst drawing attention to the gracefulness of the neck. I remember making my own chokers from dyed Nylon back in the 90s!

off-shoulder, street style, fashion, ootd, lookbook, valentine's day
Simple choker from H&M.

To finish it off, I wore black strappy heels, which I bought on sale from Mango. I’m obsessed with lace up, strappy heels even though these are not always flattering to petite ladies like me. (Straps can sometimes make your legs look shorter!) There’s a certain sexiness to them that I cannot resist!

valentines day, lookbook, ootd, h&m, zara, mango, fashion

If heels are not your thing, you can also wear a nice pair of sandals. Mine is a gold, beaded one from Zara. I really like this pair! Unfortunately, my friend’s dog liked them too much and chewed off the beads so they’re gone. :))

zara, lookbook, ootd, fashion, street style, valentine's day

Outfit details:

  • Dress from Zara
  • Heels from Mango
  • Sandals from Zara
  • Necklace from H&M

16 thoughts on “Lookbook: My Sweet Valentine

  1. I am not really a believer that should really be a Valentine’s Day since everyday should be Valentine’s Day. However admit it, if your SO gives you flowers on VDay, you will still get thrilled. I also get thrilled to give my wife something special on VDay. 🙂


  2. I also agree that Valentine’s Day should not only be celebrated every 14th. Actually, we should always practice it every day with our partner. Mine is a long distance one so I make it sure that I can still send my love to the man I love no matter the distance. I love your outfit. I am not a fashionable woman. My boyfriend is. Whenever we are out of the country, he always look for a good dress that will fit me.


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