Do you remember what you dream about?

I sometimes do. Today, I was jolted awake by the sound of my alarm. As I turned my phone over to snooze it, remnants of my dream were still floating in my mind and I desperately grasped them to keep what I could.

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PART 1: Him

He looked at her sitting in front him not knowing what to do. The sense of urgency that drove him to find her was suddenly knocked out of him as he saw her friend sitting across from her. How can he tell her now? He loved her so much, but despite the three years he’s had to tell her, he has never found the courage to do so.

Instead, he blurted out something that he knew would anger her and sure enough, a frown swiftly etched itself on her face. It has always been like this. He knew just which buttons to press to annoy her, but never what to say to end this impasse.

Her long-time friend, perhaps reading the atmosphere, stood from her seat and told them to just be honest with each other before leaving in frustration.

Suddenly, it was just the two of them. Eyes locked on hers, he takes that first step.

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Since I was a child, I’ve always had very vivid dreams. Sometimes, they are inspired by the things I watch or read. At others, they are reflections of the things that have happened to me or extensions of my desires. These being the case, my dreams do not always involve myself or the people I know. There were cases when the people in my dreams were unknown to me in real life, but at the same time, still felt very familiar.


She and her friend were at her favorite coffee shop talking about that which consumes her mind these days – him – when suddenly, he appears before them looking as if he got there in a hurry.

Speak of the devil! As if it’s not enough that he relentlessly enters her thoughts, he has to occupy her physical realm of existence. She’s loved him for so long, but they’ve also been good friends for that same length of time and she just doesn’t know how to cross that line.

He says something that hurts her to the quick. Her heart squeezes. Sometimes, he’s so sweet that she almost can’t bear it, but there are also instances like today, when the cold words he utters just shatters her heart.

Her friend’s annoyed voice grabs her attention and she sees her trying to leave. With her eyes, she pleads with her to stay, but her friend ignores it. After a moment of silence, she glances back at him. The emotion in his eyes takes her aback. She has never seen him look at her like that before. Could it be…

He takes a step towards her and she feels hope blooming like a fragile flower in winter.

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While dreaming, I sometimes have moments of awareness, when I’m conscious of what’s happening. When this occurs, I can control the events and characters in my dream so that it reaches the conclusion I want. Oftentimes, I do this when I’m having nightmares and I feel like I have to step in to make the unfolding events better.

One thing I wish I could do more often, though, is control the dreams I have each night. To pause and play dreams as I wish as if holding a remote control in my mind. I’m sure many others would also like to have this ability. There have been many times when a beautiful dream ended abruptly before its climax. No matter how long I toss and turn willing for it to continue, however, I am left chasing for something ungraspable until my memory fails and the remaining wisps of that dream slip away.

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Such was the case for last night’s dream. For a while, I willed for that dream to continue as I lay there wrapped in a cozy cocoon on a strange hotel bed. In the end, I fell back to a dreamless sleep only to be jolted awake again as my alarm ended its snooze period.



5 thoughts on “Do you remember what you dream about?

  1. Some good dreams do end in an instant and like an episode, you’d hope to catch the next one on your next sleep. I love how you’ve captured it through words but I guess reality can be even far better than dreams.

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