One Night in Gangnam: When I Imagined Life in a Kdrama

After a long work week culminating in a successful event, what better way to celebrate a job well done than by checking out the local nightlife and have a drink or two? Since we were staying at the Ritz Carlton in Gangnam, we thought that it was best to pick a club somewhere close so we won’t have a hard time going home. And so, after consulting with our Korean friend, we headed to Club Mass (1306-8 Seocho-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul), which was located quite near the Gangnam metro station. There’s an entrance fee, but I don’t quite remember how much it was. This site, however, says that the entrance fee is KRW10,000 on weekdays and KRW20,000 on weekends. You get one free drink with that.

gangnam, seoul
Gangnam at night.

It was winter that time so we were wearing heavy coats. That’s why we opted to pay an additional fee to have our stuff stored in their locker room. Hey, we needed both hands-free to really enjoy dancing!

Now it’s time to start the party! The club itself is huge, but at the time we came in (around 11ish), it was already packed. The music was good, the crowd was happy, and instantly, I felt like I was going to have a great time. The video above sucks because I was having too much fun, but you get what I’m trying to say.

Club Mass is supposedly an electro music club, but I felt like they had a good mix of pop, rap, and R&B music too so it was even better for me. Unlike some people, I can’t really get into the right mood when the music being played is unfamiliar. That’s was the case for some techno/rave parties I’ve attended before. Maybe I’m just not cool enough! 🙂

clubbing, night life, club in Seoul, Korea, Gangnam
Inside Club Mass in Gangnam.

After a cocktail and a shot of tequila, I was truly having a great time. Yep, I’m a bit of a lightweight! But to be fair to me, we were already having drinks at our previous event so I didn’t need a lot to get going. Suddenly, a couple of guys were checking us out. If I were in a Korean drama, perhaps something more exciting would happen. I imagine the crowd would part to give way to a chaebol coming to dance with us and eventually the night will end with a piggy back ride. :)) But this is real life and I’m a good girl, so we ignored those strange oppas and just had a nice girls’ night out!

gangnam, fashion, ootd, winter
Ecstatic after a great night!

A couple of hours later, we were ready to go home. We opted to walk back to our hotel since that was only around 10-15 minutes away. The great thing about Gangnam is that there are a lot of shops and street food stands that are open until very late. Since I was a bit hungry (and to be honest, I just wanted to do stuff like in a Korean drama), I stopped by a tteokbokki stand that was also selling some other food stuff. I don’t quite remember what I bought, but I remember asking some guy if the blood sausages he was eating was good. As a reply, he kindly offered to feed me a share of his. I, so kindly as well, accepted. 😀

streetfood, food, seoul, south korea, gangnam
Finally, I get to eat at a street food stand in Seoul!

By the time we got back to our hotel, we were already quite sober due to the bracing cold. As I got ready to sleep, I thought about what a great week that was in Seoul and how I would love to party another time in Korea.

4 thoughts on “One Night in Gangnam: When I Imagined Life in a Kdrama

  1. Wow even in Korea you still have a lot of admirers. Though it would look fun to relive those koreanovela series but good thing you are such a good girl, which makes you really a great person.


    1. Oh you’ll surely love the food street in Gangnam. So many different places to try and the overall vibe of the city is just great!


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