Lust and Wandering

When I first started blogging, my objective was to write about the things that I loved doing the most. At that time, it was eating and shopping so I called my blog “Mich Eats and Shops.” Quite a funny name, now that I think about it.

After two (or is it 3?) years of reprieve from blogging, I realized that my blog name no longer reflects the point in my life where I am at now. Surely, I have grown up and my interests have expanded beyond eating and shopping (thank God!)… to include Korean dramas (Ha!).

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Kidding aside, I am now at that point in my life where I am reaping the benefits (and woes) of living independently as an adult. From cooking my own meals and buying my own furniture to traveling alone and living in a foreign country, I am constantly learning about the practicalities and complexities of life. All these I would like to share with you all, in the hopes that perhaps we can learn a thing or two from our shared experiences.

So why Lust and Wandering? Because I have a fiery lust for life, a mind that loves to wander, and a bad case of wanderlust.

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What can you expect from this blog? I’ll be talking about all that things that occupy me at the moment which includes the following:

  1. Stories from my past and current travel adventures.
  2. Personal stories about love and life in general – Some will be about my own life, while others are my attempts at writing fiction. How to differentiate between the two will be up to your own discernment.
  3. My favorite shopping finds (and it won’t just include clothes).
  4. Dining experiences, including ones from my own kitchen
  5. Reviews of things I like including beauty and fashion products, establishments, as well as Asian dramas! 🙂

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Once in a while, I’ll also do some giveaways, but only if I have the energy and good will to do so. Anyway, I’ve decided that whether or not people read my blog, I’ll write anyway because I have dearly missed writing and I enjoy expressing myself.

So, see you all until the next blog post! 再见!



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