Life at 25 – Expectations VS Reality

In less than two months, I shall be saying goodbye to life at 25, which for me, like many others, marks an important milestone in life.

When I was a child, I thought the climax of life was at 25. This was the age when I was supposed to have everything figured out. I’d be rich, marry the man of my dreams, and live happily ever after. Well, here’s the reality check:


1. Am I rich? Far from it! Yet, compared to when I was a child, I’d like to believe that I now have a less simplistic view of what makes a person rich. I may not be exceedingly rich financially, but every day, I grow richer in experience and knowledge through my work, travels, and the people I meet.


2. Have I married the man of my dreams? Nope, but now I know that the fulfillment of a woman’s life does not solely rely on marriage or having children. Unlike when I was a child when life seemed to be about waiting for Prince Charming, growing up allowed me to see that there are infinite ways to be happy in life. There are so many things I can see and do! I may marry eventually, but it is not the only purpose that drives me forward.

3. Do I have everything figured out? Not quite. There are still so many questions that I don’t know the answers. For instance, I still don’t know exactly what it is that I want to do. Will I be in digital marketing forever? Do I want to be a writer? Do I want to start my own business? I haven’t figured the answers to these yet, and sometimes, it really frustrates me. If only I had a clear path like others in my generation who have already found their passion and are pursuing it. Yet, only time and a bit more discernment will give me the answers I seek. For now, patience is my friend.


4. Am I living my happily ever after?   What is a happy ever after? Is it that point in life where everything just falls into place? Does such a moment even exist? Perhaps waiting for the happy ever after is not the best way to live life, because how can we ever know which part of life is it? Unlike a play, the significant moments in life do not occur in a linear time line, such that the climax always comes in the middle. Nor is it like a fairytale where happy ever after always comes at the end. Instead, throughout life, we experience several moments that deeply affect us, so maybe life itself is a series of turning points and happy ever afters that ultimately give it meaning. Hence, there’s no need to wait for happily ever after, because we are already living it.


Many have warned me about the quarter life crisis, and sure, I’ve had my moments. Now that that look at it, though, I realize that there’s no need to feel too much pressure that I am not yet where I have envisioned myself to be at this age when I was a child. From the perspective of a child, 25 seemed like the edge of a horizon where everything ends. The thing about horizons, though, is that the closer you get to it, the more you realize that it doesn’t end where you you think it would; it simply expands.


What I’m wearing: T-shirt and Skirt from Zara, Shoes from Nike

13 thoughts on “Life at 25 – Expectations VS Reality

  1. Well, life is not a fairy tale and that’s what makes it really exciting, you control your happily ever after. Funny, how I got the realization that life is much longer than our current age with average mortality rate reaching up to 80 now. It’s still a long life so don’t worry about midlife and quarter life crisis. Anyway, you look great here, was this the one taken in Baler?


    1. Hi Franc! This was taken in Guangzhou still 😀 Haven’t gotten round to posting my Baler photos yet 😜 And yeah, you’re right. Life is what we make of it.


  2. I’ll be turning 25 next year and I totally feel you… feeling lost at times, and yet still excited to see what is to come! 🙂
    I love your concluding remark “The thing about horizons, though, is that the closer you get to it, the more you realize that it doesn’t end where you you think it would; it simply expands.” Very inspiring!


    1. Thanks, Sherri! Yep, life is definitely exciting once we stop worrying about the things we don’t know yet. Have a great life! 😉


  3. You seem to be living life to the fullest. 🙂 That’s all that matters.

    At 33, I still haven’t figured out what I really want to do with my life. You are young, smart, beautiful… just conquer the world. 🙂


    1. Thanks for the vote of confidence, Lizzie! That really means a lot. I guess life will be boring if we already know everything 😜


  4. Here is the message from Katrina~!

    Late “happy birthday‘ congrats here~
    Another long time no see for the beginning. Your posts always make me feel comfortable, neither desperate nor shallow thought . I can see me in your post, can find the positive life seeking in it.

    Wanna have a long chat with you f2f !!! See you in GZ during Spring Festival if you are there!


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