If I Can Only Have One Thing

(This letter is for you, from the little hippo. Merry Christmas!)

If I can only have one thing, it would be someone who wakes me up with kisses and warm cuddles. Someone who doesn’t care about morning breath or how messy my hair got during the night. He’d kiss me and pull me closer, even when he’s barely awake.

IMG_4429 IMG_4487

He would tell me I’m beautiful too, even on those days when I feel my absolute worst, when I can’t even be bothered to get out of bed or put on some makeup. He’d remind me about how cute he thinks my little nose is as he threatens to bite what he calls as my happy cheeks.

IMG_4459 IMG_4478

When I make mistakes, he will be honest (and sometimes even ruthless) enough to bring it up and tell me that I did wrong. He will not be afraid to criticize me even when I refuse to listen, because he wants me to learn and grow.


Most of all, I’d choose someone who cares about making me happy. He’d make me dinner even though cooking is not his thing. He’d take me to the hospital when I’m sick even though hospitals make him anxious. He doesn’t care about making himself look silly either just as long as it would make me laugh.

If I can only have one thing, I’d choose what I have at present, because right now, despite the rough and painful moments, I am at my happiest.

6 thoughts on “If I Can Only Have One Thing

  1. I’m sure you’re pretty even when at your worst because you have a really pleasant disposition and a good heart. That’s something that last forever. I forgot to mention when we met that you really have captivating and beautiful eyes.


    1. Pol! Just became active again. I use a Canon EOS M2 and photoshop to edit since I recently acquired some ps skills :p


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