Summer Girl Meets Winter

For someone who has lived in a country where the temperature is above 20 degrees Celsius for most of the year, winter, even in Guangzhou where it doesn’t really snow, can be unforgiving. Until last year, I didn’t know the full implications of having to bear the cold for at least 4 months. Although at first I was very excited at the thought of experiencing winter, in the end, I was dreading every cold, grey day that came and praying fervently for summer to come sooner.

Because winter in Guangzhou is not as cold as in the north of China, the buildings here are not equipped for the cold weather. For example, although most houses have air-conditioning to fight against the sweltering heat of summer, almost none have heaters. When we asked real estate agents about this, most of them would say that it doesn’t really get cold here, so there’s no need. In actuality though, a house with no heater in 8 degrees Celsius can get really cold. Think about sliding into a cold bed and getting wrapped with your equally cold blanket. You have to endure those horrible minutes while you’re waiting for your body to warm up the sheets.

This light fixture in my apartment reminds me of icicles in winter. :)
This light fixture in my apartment reminds me of icicles in winter. πŸ™‚

At least in truly cold countries, you get a reprieve from the cold the moment you step into a building or your house. Yet here, houses offer no escape from the cold so you end up wearing your warmest clothes even inside the house. Plus, since it doesn’t snow, I feel cheated about having to endure the cold without the benefits of at least seeing beautiful snow!

My only consolation this year, though, is that I have learned from last year’s mistake of trying to wear summer clothes during winter. This year, I bought myself some warm knit jackets, a couple of coats, a few pairs of boots, plenty of leggings and socks, a hat, and several pairs of gloves to keep me warm. Hopefully, winter this year will be warmer and better.

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Also, I thought about documenting my experience this year by posting on my blog again. After almost a year of inactivity, I actually feel like I miss blogging and writing for myself. So, if anyone still reads my blog, please expect some more blog entries, including outfit posts, in the coming days.

By the way, if you do happen to read this entry, please leave a comment below. I would love to hear from my blog readers again! πŸ™‚


Outfit details:

  • White button down from Zara
  • Skirt from a street vendor in ZhuangYuan Fang
  • Long knitted cardigan from a street vendor in ZhuangYuan Fang
  • Boots from Zara
  • Beanie and leggings from H&M

10 thoughts on “Summer Girl Meets Winter

  1. It’s nice to see your pretty face in your blog again. In Taiwan, they have heaters that look like electric fan that’s just enough to warm a room. Maybe they have it there too.


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