Great Northern Sale: Perfect Places to Eat

Last Friday, SM North EDSA started its Great Northern Sale – an annual even that marks the mall’s mid year sale season, with discounts up to 70% off! Of course, I went there because the word SALE is enough invitation for me. As expected, the mall was a shopper’s haven. There were red tags everywhere!

Although it would be great to tell you about a shopping spree, I was at SM North EDSA for a different agenda this time – EATING. Wait, let me rephrase that – GORGING! Because that is exactly what me and my fellow bloggers did. We checked out some of the mall’s best dining places and ate some of the best food I’ve tasted in a while!


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Arafu Cafe is not your typical Japanese cafe. If you’re looking for the usual sushi and sashimi, you won’t find it here. Instead, you will find a delectable selection of home-cooked Japanese food. From its first store in Global City, Taguig, it now has expanded to a second branch on the 3rd Level of SM North EDSA due to its popularity among both Japanese and Filipino clients. I, for one, am not surprised about this restaurant’s growing success. All the dishes I tried were incredibly good. Their best seller TAWARU Japanese hamburger, which is made from sirloin and vegetables, is so juicy and succulent, every bite is a delight! Their Ebi Furai is also a must-try. The batter is light so you get a good bite of prawn. Be sure to eat it with the accompanying ginger drizzled lightly with soy sauce! For drinks, try their Green Tea latte. I completely enjoyed my glass that I swear I can drink two of them in one seating! 🙂

Quick Trivia: Arafu is owned by Minako, an experienced Japanese entrepreneur and chef who conceptualized all the items in the cafe’s menu based on her own experiences of Japanese home cooking.


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A friend of mine said that Cafe Mediterranean is one of her favorite restaurants. Upon stepping into their SM North EDSA branch and trying their food, I am completely understand why. For one, the interior design is excellent. I instantly feel at home and I definitely feel the Mediterranean vibe. Secondly, the food is just superb. I think I will run out of superlatives trying to describe it! My unexpected favorite is the Moussaka. Unexpected because I am not a huge fan of eggplants but in this dish, everything just melts into your mouth in a delicious blend of flavors. It’s like biting into a cheesy, soft piece of lasagna. Each ingredient just works so well together. The Greek Salad was also good. The dressing was perfectly mixed and the crumbled feta cheese added the perfect salty balance to the acidity of the dressing.


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Twisted Candy is a fairly new sweets shop that allows sweet lovers to witness the making of customized candies right at every Twisted Candy store. It’s tag line, “Art just got sweeter,” perhaps sums up the concept of this store best.

Quick Tip: Try their orange and lime candies. So good!


gns Vikings

gns vikings sm north

gns vikings sushi

Vikings is still hands down the best buffet I’ve ever been to. The variety of food and drinks at your disposal is just incredible and makes every dining experience worth it. Moreover, I love the fact that despite the quantity of the food served, quality is not comprised. I would recommend their steak and their sushi bar. The sushi bar is always my first stop! hahaha 🙂

After dropping by so many eating places at just the span of four hours, I was completely full! My aunt called this experience gluttony and I agree. Nevertheless, it was an experience to remember. If I am asked to eat that much good food again, I’d say yes without any hesitation! 🙂

If you weren’t able to drop by SM North EDSA last weekend, then don’t worry. You can still drop by any time to try these culinary delights! 🙂

9 thoughts on “Great Northern Sale: Perfect Places to Eat

  1. Wow! That’s a lot of restos and food in one day! WAAAAIIIT! 4 hours? You ate at all these places in the span of 4 hours? @__@ Anyway, I’m definitely checking out Arafu Cafe soon. Cafe Med has been on my list na rin for so long. Will try and drop by too at Twisted Candy this weekend. I’m curious on how they make their candies! 😀 As for Vikings, pass muna. I’m on a skip-the-buffet phase since I’ve been regularly eating at buffets the past month. Semi-diet mode muna 😀


    1. Ahhahhahaha yes!!! 4 hours!! Can you believe it?? hahahahahha Yes, both Arafu and Cafe Med come highly recommended!!! 😀

      I have been exercising din! Cheers to a healthier lifestyle! 😀


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