Carried Away

I don’t know. Maybe it’s how your face completely lights up when you see me. The crinkling of your eyes, the wide smile… I launch into a million day dreams.

Ok, let’s be honest. It may all be a lie. Proximity breeds affection, or so they say. That may be it. You are so close and I just want to be near you.

july 2 ootd 2

July 2 ootd

july 2 ootd 4

Talk to me. Talk to me as much you can, but don’t make any promises. I don’t want promises from you, just time.

You and I, we can be any thing and any one. We are strangers whose stories are yet to unravel.

july 2 ootd 5

july 2 ootd 3

In another place, in another time, you and I could be something more. Not now, not today. You and I, we simply are.

july 2 ootd 6

july 2 ootd 8

Let’s enjoy it while it lasts. I just wanna be near you. Don’t get too carried away.

july 2 ootd 7

Outfit Details:

  • Cropped top from Topshop
  • Palazzo pants from Push Thru Marketing
  • Blazer from my Aunt
  • Shoes from Forever 21

Photos by Rhea Bue

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