Where Are the Shopping Districts?

Disclaimer: I was supposed to post this a week ago but I don’t know where the time went! Before I even realized it, it’s been 3 weeks since I first came to China. Wow, time flies so fast (when you’re having fun)!!!


I was really excited to go to Guangzhou because it’s supposed to be Chinese industrial / business district where most of the goods are produced. I thought, if products were manufactured in this area then they’re definitely much cheaper… right?



Well, imagine my surprise when I went to Beijing Lu, Guangzhou’s more popular shopping districts, and saw how the prices of fashion apparels and beauty products were more expensive than in Manila! “Am I really in China?” was my initial thought.
So, where are the cheap shopping districts?

shopping2 shopping

(Above: Beijing Lu in Guangzhou – a street lined with branded and local stores. Too pricey for me!)

I asked around and I was told that the places to go are Shangxiajiu and Zhuangyuanfang near the Changshoulu Line 1 Metro stop. I’m planning to drop by these places  to check out the shops and buy some more casual clothes because you see, the clothes I brought are a bit too “dressy” for the office where almost everyone seems to be dressed so casually! I feel overdressed everyday! Haha

Unfortunately, I have to work this weekend to make up for the holidays on Monday and Tuesday when China celebrates its Dragon Boat Festival in commemoration of the poet Qu Yuan who threw himself into the river to show his love for his country after he was exiled the King.
Interesting, right?


(Above: A random robot installation at Beijing Lu)

Anyway, back to shopping. Apparently, aside from going to shops, most people here also shop online via Taobao – China’s version of Ebay. I went to the site and everything was in Chinese… Of course, I couldn’t understand anything! Hahaha


I wonder if Zalora has a China website? It’s one of the more popular online shopping websites back home and it would be great if I can buy from it.
Ah, but never mind… Once I find the bargain shopping district, I shall surely let you all know.

Hope you have a great day!

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