Lights Will Guide You Home

When the sun sets in Guangzhou, the city comes alive. Suddenly, the world is awash with color as if touched by a magic wand and the heat that repressively clings to the skin becomes almost bearable. This, as the other interns here would say, is the best time to walk around the city.


lights river

I have to say that I agree with them. Things are so much more interesting at night. Walking along the city’s carefully paved sidewalks, you are bound to encounter so many things that might amuse, interest, and even confound you. For example, almost in any public areas, you are bound to see a group of women in their late 40s doing Tai Chi. If not, there’s always the occasional biker or runner whose intention in life is to run you over. Then, if you’re lucky, you’ll see a master samurai wielding his sword like he’s being attacked by imaginary enemies.

lights china

I think my Brazilian friend Barbara has the perfect expression for it, “Aaaay Chiiina!”

On top of these, the Chinese seem to also have a fondness for lighting everything up – buildings, bridges, boats, trees, you name it! Ultimately, you might expect the city to look like some bawdy extravaganza BUT, you will be wrong. It is actually quite beautiful.

lights four seasons

lights 100th flr

Take the Canton Tower, for instance, the tallest structure in China at 600 meters high. Its color changes according to the colors of the rainbow and it’s just a sight to behold against the backdrop of night.

lights canton tower

lights canton tower tree

For me, these lights bring me a sense of contentment and peace. With a city as beautifully lit up as Guangzhou, there’s no need to be afraid of the dark because it simply serves as the perfect canvas upon which a masterpiece is painted. Plus, with the Canton Tower always visible wherever you go, you’ll always find your way home. It’s a beacon saying, “I’m here. Lights will guide you home.”

lights afc tower

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