A Slice of History

On my first day in Guangzhou, I immediately went out to explore the city with my flatmate, Barbara. Having been in China for two weeks, she wanted to see the sights that were “uniquely China.” Just to give you a bit of context, our flat and our office are situated in a CBD in a fairly new district in Guangzhou where everything is new and modern. It’s like walking in Makati, but elevated to a much modern scale. The architecture here can rival the ones in Singapore. .. Almost!

tancun lu

(Tancun Lu – The street where my apartment is located.)
To be honest, when I first saw my area, I was surprised. In my mind, I painted a picture of industrial Guangzhou where factories reigned supreme. I’m glad that this city challenged my preconceived notions.

metro station
(The Metro Station at Tancun Lu. It’s actually easy to understand how to navigate from one line to another. There are also English translations in the Metro for non-Chinese travelers.)

Taking the metro, we first found ourselves at the Chen Clan Academy station named as such because it’s situated right beside the Chen Clan Academy temple. This temple was apparently built back in the late 1800s by the Chen clan to serve as lodgings for members who needed to prepare for the imperial examinations during the Qing Dynasty.

Chen Chen Academy Front

At present, it serves as Guangzhou’s Folk Art Museum where you can see the works of the city’s talented artisans. The photo below, for example, is of a beautiful tapestry painstakingly embroidered by hand. I can only imagine the skill and long hours that went into making it. It truly is a work of art.

chen clan academy embroidery

Actually, the temple itself is a masterpiece. The details of the woodwork, the statues, the gardens, the carvings on the stone wall – all are admirable! In my mind, I saw a fashion shoot unfolding. 😉

Chen Chen Academy

passage way chen clan academy

Chen Clan Academy


Nevertheless, I think the temple is best photographed without a model detracting from its beauty. History, in itself, is already interesting.
What do you guys think?
Until another day, then! Tomorrow is another work day and for now, my bed calls.

P.S. I write these posts at night hence why I seem to be always off to bed 🙂

7 thoughts on “A Slice of History

  1. I’m so happy that you’re enjoying your first days there in China. 🙂 You’ve been away for a couple of days pa lang and I miss you na 😦 Can’t wait till you come back hooomeeee!!! 😀


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