Product Spotlight: Bourjois Little Round Pot Blushers in Sienne, Cendre de Rose Brune, and Lilas d’Or

Last December, I posted about my Bourjois haul, which I got as Christmas present from my boyfriend. From that haul, I’m about to review the three blushers I got namely Sienne (Sienna), Cendre de Rose Brune (Ashes of Roses), and Lilas d’Or (Golden Lilac).


Just to give you a background, Bourjois is a Parisian brand that started in the 1800s in one of Paris’ theater companies. The brand was first started by Joseph – Albert Ponsin who, aside from being an actor, was also a brilliant cosmetologist. Later on, Ponsin asked Alexandre-Napoléon Bourjois to manage his flourishing business and from there, Bourjois became an international brand name synonymous to Parisian style and creativity.

Also, another trivia, Bourjois is actually the company that owns Chanel (and not the other way around). Hence, you will often find some similarities in the products of both brands except that Bourjois is the more affordable option. 🙂

Now on to the review…

Bourjois’ Little Round Pot Blushers are a classic in the brand’s lineup with Cendre de Roses created as far back as the 1800s. To be exact, this line has been around for 150 years! Imagine that!

The name, of course, comes from how the product is packaged in little round pots, which Ponsin found was the best way to pack these products to give it the best texture when applied on the skin. Each pot has it’s own blush brush and mirror for easy retouching.

These blushers come in 20 delectable shades to match different skin tones. All have a soft rose scent that’s not too strong but may not be for everyone.

bourjois cheeks

As mentioned above, the colors I got were Cendre de Rose Brune or Ashes of Roses, which is a matte pink shade:

boujois cendre de rose

Lilas d’Or / Golden Lilac, which is not Lilac in shade but more of apricot with dashes of gold similar to Sleek’s Rose Gold or NARS’ Orgasm:

bourjois lilas d or

(My camera isn’t picking up the gold tone very well.)

And Sienne / Sienna, which I think is a nice matte contour shade for fair skin:

bourjois sienne

Here are the swatches for everyone’s appreciation:

Bourjois blusher

Bourjois Blush

If those swatches aren’t enough, I applied the products on my face to give you a better idea of how each looks on the skin.

33 Lilas d’Or

bourjois lilas

The gold dusts gives the skin a nice sheen.

48 Cendre de Rose Brune

bourjois cendre

This one gives a nice, subtle pink flush to the skin that you can build up depending on how visible you want it.

85 Sienne

bourjois sienne 1

Please only take note of the shade on the hollows of my cheeks and ignore the pimple scars on my jaw. 🙂 I used this blush as a contour here. ]

My face with nothing on except the blushers.

bourjois blush face

In summary:


  • Great color selection
  • The pigmentation is acceptable – not too little and not too much
  • The product is buildable and easily blendable
  • The product has a nice, fine texture
  • The packaging is compact and includes a mirror for easy on-the-go application


  • Not available in the Philippines
  • The brush isn’t very good. The product comes out patchy when you apply it using the brush that comes with the pot.


  • This product is scented. I like the scent myself but not everyone will like it.
  • It’s GBP7.29 which translates to about PHP457 per pot

12 thoughts on “Product Spotlight: Bourjois Little Round Pot Blushers in Sienne, Cendre de Rose Brune, and Lilas d’Or

    1. Yes, I have two of their lipsticks and I absolutely love one of them called 78 Rouge Intemporel! 🙂 I want to try their lip glosses too but unfortunately, they don’t have a counter here 😦 Have to ask my boyfriend in the UK to get it for me.


  1. These blushes look really good! I’m a sucker for blushes, and hopefully I’ll find a way to get a hold of these 🙂 I’m in love with the Sienne and Lilas d’Or shades! Will see if may nagpapa-pre-order nito na online shop ^^


  2. First time to learn about this brand. The Lilas d’Or looks more natural for me… or must be the lighting? heehee… the brush looks very similar to the L’Oreal blush I got as a gift – it’s small and stiff, but still useful and convenient since it’s part of the compact. 🙂


  3. Thanks for reviewing this with pictures on how it looked like on your face. I barely see much review on these blushes online.

    May I know which of these 3 colours were your favourite?


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