OOTD: You Are The Sun

Today, I’ll write about you.

You are that moment beneath the fading summer sun when lovers hold hands for the first time. That magic hour when the world is abuzz with possibilities. That first contact that burns through the body leaving a quake in its wake.

ootd sunflower

You are the restless nights spent wondering about the best words to describe that perfect kiss and the the sudden wash of joy that comes after, making everything spring with vibrant color – there are simply no words for it!

ootd 4

You. How do you do this to me? Why do you make me so happy? 


ootd 3

Because of you, I want to laugh endlessly and smile until my jaws hurt! I want to twirl around the room and care about nothing but the fact that you are mine! Though my voice is less than perfect, I want to burst out in song and compete against the birds in the trees! Most especially, I want to stretch my hands as far as it can go and shoot up into the sky like an angel… Perhaps I can! Everything is possible!


You are my sun! You are the certainty that gives me a reason to smile when I close my eyes and wake up with purpose. You are this prose and the reason for the cliched phrases that stumble out of my mouth.

ootd sunflowers 2

Thank you for making me so happy! Thank you simply for being you.

Outfit Details:

  • Dress from Redhead at SM Girls Teens Wear
  • Shoes from Parisian
  • Belt from Primo at The SM Store
  • Sunglasses from Rayban

This is post is for you, dear readers! Thank you for visiting my blog, reading my posts, and leaving your comments. You all make me happy! 🙂

Photos taken by Susie Bugante at UP Diliman.

19 thoughts on “OOTD: You Are The Sun

  1. this was a beautifully written post. 🙂 sunflowers are my favorite flowers. The photos are just amazing. Thank you for writing such beautiful pieces.


  2. those flowers are awesome dear! love all your photos! araw n araw pti flowers sunflowers haha. Agree with Rhea super happy k nga dito. Maybe you should smile more on your outfit looks dear .


  3. I can imagine the fun you’re having with Tita Susie while taking photos. You should include her one time in your outfit shots. She’s glam too! Super love her accessories when I met her. Heehee..:)


  4. lovely words and dreamy sunflower pictures!!! I also feel happy looking at the photos and reading your post! your cute red dress complements the sunflowers!!!


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