The Faces of Love at Shoes of Prey

The love affair between woman and shoes has endured the passing the time. No matter where in the world, there’s always that one pair of shoes (or several pairs!) that can make a woman’s heart beat faster!

For me, it was love at first sight when I came across  Australian bespoke brand Shoes of Prey‘s latest collections borne out of a collaboration with two other Australian designers, Romance Was Born and Carla Zampatti. Each collaboration resulted in collections that communicated two varying faces of love – the sweet, exhilarating rush of romance and the darker, passionate pull of S & M.

Romance Was Born

Romance Was Born, led by designers Anna Plunkett and Luke Sales, is an Australian brand that “constantly strives to reinvent itself and bridge the gap between runway and street style with ambitious prints and striking colour. ”

image (3)


Their collection for Shoes of Prey was inspired by ‘60s model Peggy Moffitt and the sugary landscapes of artist Pip and Pop. It featured ruffles in different shades evocative of spring flowers slowly unfurling.

Accordingly, “The collection transitions from powdery pastels to strong pop colours and a bit of neon, and we wanted the shoes to cover that colour spectrum too. Like a psychedelic rainbow!”

image (7)

image (4)

Below are the shoes from collection:

shoes of prey romance

shoes of prey romance was born

shoes of prey romance was born 2

Don’t you think they’re all just so beautiful? Plus, I think that these shoes can definitely be transitioned from the runway to the street. Wear it with dark skinny jeans and and neutral top and you’ve instantly made your casual outfit much more interesting!

Carla Zampatti

On the other hand, Carla Zampatti’s collection for Shoes of Prey focused on a neutral color palette inspired by the S&M qualities of the runway show. Moreover, the designs carried Carla Zampatti’s minimalist style featuring ankle strap sandals in nude, black, and snakeskin.



Adding the tassels at the back give the shoes movement. As show stylist Michelle Jank put it, “The sound of the shoes was really important to us. We wanted something that had movement, that “swish” when you walk.”


Shoes of Prey Carla

With these sleek and modern collection, women can definitely feel like they’re queens of the universe. Nothing can be as powerful as knowing that you are wearing the perfect shoes for the right occasion.

Personally, I adore the snakeskin shoes. I think it’s the definition of sexy! 🙂

If, like me, you’re dying to get your hands on these shoes, do check out Shoes of Prey’s website. There, you can not only purchase the shows but also, you can customize them and add your personal touches. You can buy and edit the shoes here and here. They offer free shipping worldwide via DHL!

So what do you guys think? Did the love bug strike you as well? 🙂

36 thoughts on “The Faces of Love at Shoes of Prey

  1. OMG!! Shoes are to die forrrr 😀 I wish I could afford all of those one day :3 I like Romance Was Born shoe collection.. ❤ It's loud and fun! 😀


  2. I love this post! I’m starting collect shoes. I just bought a black pumps yesterday! First time to hear/read about shoes of prey! I’ll definitely visit their site! Thanks for this Ms. Mich 🙂 Godbless


  3. love love those shoeses any of them I want Shoes of Prey does make very dainty shoeses haha goes shoe lust starts kicking in!


  4. Very interesting post. It’s cute when street style and runaway are combined. I think fashion can’t avoid looking at people’s way of dressing.
    #GIG love


  5. Great shoes. I wish to have all of them someday. Hahaha. I’d surely save every single penny for shoes. 😀


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