Color Your Hair Lovely with Lolane Headzone at SM City San Lazaro

Last week, I made another trip to SM City San Lazaro to experience firsthand Lolane – a line of hair care products from Thailand now being sold at Watson’s. With 25 years in the hair care industry, Lolane launched in the Philippine market three years ago. The brand provides a range of products that includes shampoo, hair treatments, serums, and home hair color treatments to name a few.


To encourage the Filipino market to try the brand, SM City San Lazaro, in cooperation with Lolane Thailand, welcomed shoppers to the Lolane Headzone. With every PHP1,000 Β purchase of Lolane products, shoppers were given free hair color treatments from expert stylists flown straight from Thailand.

lolane 4

lolane 5

(Above: Thai hair stylists ready to color your hair at the Lolane Headzone)

According to Sir Franz Manalo, Marketing Manager of the SM Store San Lazaro:

” The SM Store San Lazaro is always open to implement events that will cater the needs of our shoppers. We bring out a one-stop shop that gives them everything they need, as much as we value their money for the offerings and services matches their satisfaction, we value our shoppers time.

Lolane offers a wide-range of products suits to its market. The affordability of hair coloring mix, hair treatment, and other hair products, our customer will surely an experience an unparalleled hair innovation.

Today, we highly encourage everyone to visit us at LGF SM City San Lazaro and experience the hair transformation brought by Lolane. We have invited Thai Hair Experts who will assess and give them a total hair transformation. Of course, Lolane will give out 3 units of ipad mini on raffle draw on May 1, 2013… said Mr. Franz M. Manalo, Marketing Manager of The SM Store SAN LAZARO.”

lolane 12

Before last week, I have never ever tried coloring my hair. I had “virgin” hair, as the stylists called it. Because I have rebonding treatments regularly, I was afraid that dying my hair would cause it to dry out even more. However, the people from Lolane assured me that the treatment won’t damage my hair. They even gave me products to help keep it nice and soft even after treatment.

lolane 2

lolAne 3

Moreover, I was afraid that I’d get a color that I didn’t like. I have heard enough hair horror stories to make me nervous! Good thing that my Thai stylist was able to give me sound advice about what color would suit me best. He chose a mixture of ash grey and light green golden brown from Lolane Pixxel for me. Admittedly, the colors scared me but they were quick to reassure that everything will turn out great.

lolane 7

So there I was a bit nervous about the entire process…

lolane 6

The ash grey tone was first applied to my hair. The dye was mixed with the peroxide found inside the kit.

lolane 8

It was applied to my hair section by section. Then, after a few minutes, the light green golden blonde dye was applied.

lolane 9

I waited some more after that and then it was finally time to rinse! πŸ™‚

I was pleasantly surprised by the result. I didn’t think my hair would become so light considering how some dyes don’t really work well on dark hair.

Then my stylist worked on styling my hair and I loved it! I loved how he added the curls to give my hair volume. I felt like a superstar! πŸ™‚ Below, I’ll show you the before and after pictures.


lolane 11


lolane 10

Isn’t it amusing how my hair turned out to be aΒ doppelganger for the model’s hair? Hahaha…

Now, even almost a week after my treatment, my hair is still as vibrant as ever. Moreover, the treatment and serum they gave me helped it retain its softness.

So, if you’re looking for an affordable, do it yourself hair color, try the products from Lolane! πŸ™‚

36 thoughts on “Color Your Hair Lovely with Lolane Headzone at SM City San Lazaro

  1. You hair wasn’t that bad, but turned out really fab after the color treatment! Would like to try that once I get to cut my hair, coz I still have the ombre hair.


  2. I’ve been wanting to color my hair, unfortunately salons are having hard time figuring out what color would take effect on my naturally black hair. *sigh! I wish I can color my hair red. Lol! You look great on the result dear. So fab.


    1. Aww you might have to bleach it or color it a very light shade first before applying the red. πŸ™‚


  3. Mich!!! I love your new hair color! It looks so pretty~ ❀ I've DIY-ed my hair color twice, but I'm still growing out my perm so I can have it cut then colored. I'm planning to go for ash blond, but I think I'll try your hair color or maybe mix the ash grey with something else XD Sayang nga lang there'll be no more Thai stylists to help me color my hair for free. Hopefully my next DIY hair coloring session goes well XD


    1. Thanks, Therese! Unfortunately, I have to style it to get that volume but it’s nothing that a good curling wand won’t fix πŸ˜‰


  4. Hi. I have a few Lolane Pixxel hair dye here and while researching about it, i found your blog. πŸ™‚

    Did they apply the second color on top of the ash grey application? Or did they rinse your hair first then applied the golden blonde?


    1. Hi, thanks for dropping by! πŸ™‚

      No they didn’t rinse it. They applied the second color on top of the first one then rinsed both off later on πŸ™‚


  5. wow! your new hair color is great it looks really good on you!
    i bought a Lolane pixxel the cheaper one 129Php, i never thought its possible to combine colors to achieve the one you have. Sayang.. Well maybe next time i can try that one. πŸ™‚


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