Trending Accessories for Summer 2013

Summer is now in full swing! The heat’s been crazy these past few days here in the Philippines so we all definitely know that it’s officially summer. In my summer giveaway post, I asked you guys to comment about your plans and from there, I noticed that most of you are going on trips.

Having said that, have you planned which clothes and accessories to take with you?

Well, let this be your guide of what’s hot this summer in the world of accessories and costume jewelry:

1. Forever Pastel – Just like last summer, pastels are still in this season. It’s not surprising though as who can resist these delicious pastel colors? Not only are they good enough to eat, but also, pastel colors evoke youth and innocence.


2. A Study in Geometry – Geometric accessories are also all the rage at the moment. These structural pieces add an edge to romantic pieces of clothing that usually abound during spring / summer.

x (1)

3. Contemporary Africana – Last year, strong Aztec prints made the rounds in the fashion scene. This year, tribal prints prevailed taking on a modern spin.

x (2)

4. The Wild One – Animal – shaped accessories are great talking points as they add a quirky vibe to an otherwise ordinary look. Snakes are particularly hot this summer because after all, this is the year of the snake.

x (3)

5. Greener Pastures – As you guys know, the color of the year is Emerald Green. Hence, it’s inevitable that green accessories also make it to the trends list. Green is the color of life so adding green pieces to your look will give it the vibrancy to make you stand out.

x (4)

Also, watch out for wrap bracelets and layered friendship bracelets. Although these did not make it to the top 5, wrap and friendship bracelets are also definitely trending! 🙂

What do you think? Which accessories trend will you incorporate in your wardrobe? Let me know in the comments section below.

Enjoy the summer, everyone! 🙂

34 thoughts on “Trending Accessories for Summer 2013

  1. Love the first two sets. I believe it will help feeling a little better especially on this very hot weather here 😉


  2. Given a chance, I’d love to try out the ‘Contemporary Africana’ and ‘The Wild One’ someday. It’s so gypssy yet chic. I’m obsessed with patterns, riot of colors and tribal jewelleries. I have huge collection of these bohemian jewelleries in my box. Just can’t get enough of them! *guilty pleasure* 😀


    1. Lucky you! I don’t have enough tribal jewelry with me, unfortunately. 😦 I guess I have to start building my collection 🙂


  3. I love the title of each look! I would go with African and Wild look! I want to be experimental, but dressing up and planning a wardrobe sometimes take time. It is a talent of fashion bloggers, and I am envious 😀


  4. loving the Geometric accessories!! more in bright neon colours!! I have been browsing the internet for some necklaces in this style! do you recommend a good website?
    oh and pastels my fav colours!!! so pretty and girlie!!

    love this post hun!
    big hugs ❤


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