Summer Trend Watch for Men

I’ve been dishing several style tips for my female readers these past few weeks from party outfit suggestions to what to wear during graduation. Now, however, it’s time to put my male readers in the spotlight as I will be dishing out what’s hot in menswear for this summer.

Let’s start!

1. Colored bottoms is all the rage this summer as designers went crazy about sending out shorts, trousers, and jeans inspired by the rainbow. Personally, I would love to see men embracing this trend. I know for a fact, however, that some men might find this trend a bit intimidating. My boyfriend, for example, wears nothing but the usual black, brown, and navy blue. If you’re one of those men, a good way to transition to color is to start with understated and muted tones like deep magenta, olive green, and pale blue. This way, you still stick to the comfort of the familiar neutrals but also slightly giving in to the call of color. You can also pair your colored trousers with basic shades like black, gray, and white to tone it down.

Color Me Down There

2. Stripes and Plaids are still in! Not really a fan of plaids but this is great news to the guys out there who love it (I know a couple of men who do). On the runway, there was an abundance of striped and plaid suits but even I found those a bit too much. Below are some suggestions of striped and plaid apparel that you can integrate into your wardrobe.

Stripes and Plaid

3. Sporty, Military Jackets are also in. Unlike stripes and prints, these are pieces of clothing I definitely like seeing men wear. I particularly like the look of Barbour jackets, some of which you can see below. These jackets are quite light weight so it’s perfect for the chilly summer nights. Plus, I just think they look so bad ass!

Outerwear's Got Attitude

4. Denim is also making the rounds on the runways this season. However, this time around, it’s anything but the usual denim. For this summer, it’s all about taking denim to the next level with prints, rips, distressing, and color. In particular, chambray shirts seem to be the way to go.

Anything But the Ordinary Denim

5. Pastels and Brights –  Last but not the least, make way for pastels and bright shades in your closet. Summer is all about happy colors and pastels, in particular, are a favorite this season. I found some really nice shirts from Stone Island like the ones seen below. I like them because they look casual without being too informal – does that make sense? People are usually more relaxed in terms of the way they dress during the summer, but relaxed shouldn’t equate to sloppy. 🙂

Pastels and Brights

And that’s it! I hope the guys out there found this post useful. 🙂

Til the the next style tip! 🙂

Happy Summer, everyone!

7 thoughts on “Summer Trend Watch for Men

  1. I like how refreshing pastel colors is to the eyes which is also a nice and comfortable clothes in a warmer climate. I guess it’s time for me to shop for summer clothes.


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