OOTD: Love Unexpected

People say that love comes when you least expect it. It’s so cliche, it makes me want to throw up. It’s right up there with “Love is like a rosary; it’s full of mysteries.” *cue in the gagging noises*

Yet, cliches exist for a reason – they are often true.

Pink Fluff 6

I still remember that day. I went to the party thinking that it was going to be the worst night of my life. There’s nothing more miserable than being forced to go to your ex’s wedding reception simply because he’s marrying your childhood best friend. I mean, I could have said no. I didn’t have to go (the traitors!) but how can I do so without looking like such a bitter, mean witch? She’s still my best friend and more than anything in the world, I wanted her to be happy.

Pink Fluff 8

“I have something to tell you,” she said with tears in her eyes.

“What is it? What’s wrong?”

“Jon and I… we’re, we’re in love.”

“Jon? No, not the prick who screwed me over. Right?”

She couldn’t talk, couldn’t look me in the eyes, as she slowly nodded her head.

We didn’t speak for months after that until I finally gave in to her unceasing phone calls, emails, and Facebook messages and finally forgave her.

Pink Fluff 3

So there I was at the wedding reception, a strained smile on my face, trying my best to fight back the tears (Yes, I still couldn’t move on), when you came up to me. You had the smuggest smile in the world, it immediately activated all my douche bag defenses.

“You look like you need someone to give you a good time. Care to dance with me?”

“Thanks but no. I’d rather die a miserable death than dance with you.”

“Ouch, a bit harsh, aren’t you?”

“Only to those who deserve it.”

“Perfect! You know what, I like it when women crack the whip. Pleasure in pain and all that.”

“What? I can’t believe this. Can you just leave me alone?”

“Not a chance in the world.” Another smug smile.

Pink Fluff 5

I was about to turn my back on you and walk off in a jiffy but then you had the audacity to laugh.

“What’s so funny?”

“I’m laughing at myself. I’m really not an ass, you know. I just wanted to talk to you but I’m a bit awkward and I thought girls like bad boys and that stuff. I guess it didn’t work, huh?”

“Err.. no, not really. You did douche bag really well though. Are you sure you aren’t one?”

“Only when I try really hard. Ok, this will make everything sound like a line, but I’m Chris, by the way.”

I laugh, “Jean.”

“Glad to see you laughing, Jean. Care to dance?”

“If you insist…”

Pink Fluff 2

And there it began – love at the most unexpected moment. I still smile every time I think about that night. We danced until I begged you for rest because my feet were killing me. After which, we sat at a corner table talking about the most random things – like the spot on your chin that never went away and my obsession with colored felt pens.

Pink Fluff 4

That night, you insisted on driving me home and stood awkwardly outside my door as we said our goodbyes.

“So, um, you think you can give me your number so I can call you? I really enjoyed tonight.”

“Wait, I’ll give you my card. I’d love to hang out again,” I said while secretly enjoying your awkwardness.

“All right, thanks for the card. See you!”

Pink Fluff

Pink Fluff 7

The next day, I woke up with a text message from you waiting on my phone:

“Know what? When I saw you last night, you looked so unhappy, I vowed to myself that I’ll do everything I can to make you smile. Will you give me the chance to make you smile again today?”

I’ve been genuinely smiling ever since.

Outfit Details:

  • Dress from Charlotte Russe
  • Necklace from SM Accessories
  • Shoes from Parisian
  • Woven bracelets from Aizylim
  • Light purple clutch from Sophie Paris

Hope you all enjoyed this post! πŸ™‚

While I was having my photos taken, two random strangers went up to me and asked if they can be in the photos as well. It was such a funny request, I said yes. Here they are:

Pink Fluff Blooper

Hey strangers! πŸ™‚

30 thoughts on “OOTD: Love Unexpected

  1. I’m like reading a love story pocketbook again… πŸ™‚ This outfit suits you best Mich! Cute and sassy. I was surprised that your pumps are from Parisian. Maganda sya.


  2. After reading your post, I now have an inkling why the random strangers took a photo with you. They must have thought you were a model or an actress. I might end up with the same reaction if I saw you that day . You really look fabulous here.


    1. Hahahahah nah! It was just because I was taking my photos in the middle of the lobby haha but thanks for always being sweet πŸ™‚


  3. omg! cutie boys dear! you’re the princess that night dear!! I’ve read the story also and it is an amazing one!! love the peekaboo dress of yours dear! xx


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