OOTD: Meeting a Past Lover

What do you do when you meet a specter from your past, especially one who has haunted you for years?

You have several options:

1. You walk past him like a stranger. Head held high, back straight as a rod, and eyes fixed at some vague object in the distance. Perhaps your peripheral vision will work over time and your mind will go on over drive:

“Is he well? Is he with another? Can he see me? What does he think of me now?”


2. You can also act like everything in your world is right and perfect. To show him that you’ve move on, that you no longer care, and damn him for ever letting you go.

Suddenly, you laugh even louder. You make animated contributions in a conversation that’s been totally boring you to death. You flip your hair, dance like you’ve never danced before, and drink more wine than you normally would.




3. You can also do something quite difficult. You can smile at him and risk another rejection. If he smiles back, you can approach him and say, “Hi, how’s life treating you?”

Maybe you’ll talk about the old times and revisit fond memories. Remember that time you ran through a downpour, stopping every now and then to kiss? What about that time you both got lost in a foreign city? Your feeble attempts at charade with the locals was so hilarious, thinking about it still makes you smile.


Or maybe, you both won’t say anything at all. Perhaps language becomes obsolete when the heart speaks. You communicate with your eyes, your smile, the shake of your head, the subtle movements of your body. It will be as if meeting an old friend – someone you know so well, you can read him like the pages of your favorite book.



Then, painful as it may be, you shall have to say good-bye once more. Because he’s no longer yours and you are no longer part of his world.

You, too, have moved on years ago. You no longer love him.

It’s just that sometimes, colliding with the past brings a rush of melancholia, of what ifs and what could have beens. Those are the things that stay with you long after the good byes.


Outfit Details:

The photos were taken outside Chef Bernard in Makati. They serve amazing food! Blogging about them soon! πŸ™‚

Also, this post was inspired by this beautiful video.

Photos by Rhea Bue and Johan Sy of Studiyo Photography

21 thoughts on “OOTD: Meeting a Past Lover

  1. I guess part lovers are part of those who mold us to who we are today and there may be good or bad memories. There are hellos and there are good byes but all those are part of who we become that’s why past lovers will always occupy a part in out heart. Anyway, another pretty post from you.


  2. My ex became a good friend of mine. It took us 3 years after the breakup to meet again and reconnect, but so far, we’re happy we ended up being friends. As both our families are really close.


  3. I really like reading your post! You’re a really good with words Ms. Mich πŸ™‚ I think I might do option 1 or 2 if I encounter such scenario. Or maybe more on option 2.hehe but I would still ignore him and pretend his nonexistent.


  4. i like this post! it’s as if almost everything of what you said also happened to us, your readers hihihi :p btw, love the whole outfit! and the shooooeeeesssss!!!! ❀


  5. omg! i dunno what will i do if that will happen sna wg nlng haha. I guess you have the perfect matchy matchy accesories here. form head to toe looks good! xx


  6. That would be easy if there are no unresolved issues between you and a past lover. It would be just as breezy as two friends catching up on lost time. Otherwise, it’s best to steer clear of an ex. Old emotions will resurface.


  7. Love the post! I agree with Pepper. Steer clear of an ex or an “old flame” will come alive. But if you are still hopeful, go for it and rehash old times! We’ll never know… love is sweeter the second time around. β™₯


  8. Ouch! lol… I guess I can relate to this… but past is past….and let it be the nice memory and every time it comes back to your mind you just simply smile…
    Whatever the reason the relationship didn’t worked out that don’t matter at all. The fact that the time you spend together and the love you felt when you’re together is good enough to consider this as a good part of your life… ❀


  9. #3 is risky ^^ talking about past is scary, what if your old feelings started to fill you again. πŸ˜€
    I prefer just smile, nod, and move on XD


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