OOTD: In the Absence of Love

They say the world will be much better in the absence of love so they took it away. With scalpels, needles, and utmost precision, love was cut from human consciousness to take away the whirl of emotions that usually accompanies it.

This is an ode to the wonders of Science, heralded the government.

Science is the altar at which we worship.


Through Scientific deduction, those who claim to know derived one conclusion, “Emotions are the greatest threat to human existence. People, left to the devices of emotions, get uncontrollable urges that often lead to the detriment of society. The solution: shut down that part of the brain that induces feelings. Only by doing so can people finally live in peace.


So the experiments began and those who know called this salvation. People came in droves to experience this miraculous cure. Into the doors they came anxious and scared, out they went peaceful and content. The powers that be thrilled at the success of their beloved Science and for once in the history of the earth, everyone was in agreement.


Despite the wonders of Science, it couldn’t quite fully grasp the power of love. Perhaps it’s because Science operates within the premise of logic, and love, well, we couldn’t even begin to understand its infinite meaning. How does love even begin, for example? Poets and writers often wrote of a spark that slowly burns into the flames of love. Yet what causes that spark? Scientists claim that certain bodily chemicals predispose us to feel attraction to those with bodily chemicals compatible with ours, but who decides this compatibility?


In the darkest hours of human existence, people took to the belief of a supreme being who at once is infinite and omnipotent. A being so powerful and perfect, it was transcendent. This supreme being, in ancient scriptures, was equated to love.

If that were so, then how can our finite human minds craft the right Science to extinguish something far beyond our understanding? How can man, weak and fallible as he is, battle against the all powerful love?


Perhaps that explains why, despite going through the process of the cure, I feel the blossoming of what could be love slowly brewing in the depths of my being. It’s there every time our hands accidentally touch, when I catch you smile my way. And when we’re apart, it roars and wails until the time of reunion.


Could I be harboring the seeds of love?

If that were so, then I was a fool to have gone through the process of getting the cure. Love writhes and slithers through my veins like a snake, yet despite my fear, I embrace the sweet torture it brings. For I would rather have died than lived without knowing emotions such as these. Without love, the world fades into mindless oblivion.


Outfit Details:

  • Dress from Bebe
  • Shoes from Naughty Monkey
  • Bracelets from SM Accessories and Charlotte Russe

P.S. This post was inspired by the novel Delirium by Lauren Oliver, which made me bawl my eyes out over the weekend.

12 thoughts on “OOTD: In the Absence of Love

  1. I guess a world without love is in black and white. Emotions are what makes us human and it may make us weak at times but it’s also brings out the best in us. It’s nice to see your pretty face in a post again. I guess life has been busy for you.


  2. I must say you’re a very pretty girl with some nice thoughts which you express with your amazing writing skill…many many thanks for sharing this with us.


  3. You’re a stellar writer! Oh those are my exact same emotions. One minute, I hate love. The next minute, I love love. But I still wish we- or at least I- had more control over my emotions. Love is deadly, poisonous, yet thrilling at the same time. Very much like a drug, I must say!


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