Are Boots Making a Comeback?

Boots are always the shoe of choice when it comes to the colder months – especially if it is snowing. Though if you were a cowboy, boots are always mandatory because they help with the wild west look and the gait.  But in the ever-changing world of fashion, you do not have to be a cowboy or freezing cold for that matter to wear boots.

(Trussardi Fall / Winter 2013)

As for men, you guys have the Chelsea Boot which are the ankle length ones, the Chukka Boot which just rest underneath the hem of your pants and the Cowboy Boot of course, except today in the fashion world; there is a modern take to wearing these. Such as, actor Johnny Depp’s style is well known for including boots. His style is of a laid back artist, sophisticated and pirate and all of which include boots.

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(Louis Vuitton Fall / Winter 2013)

For you guys, boots go hand in hand with whether or not you should fold up your pants or not. Roll up with your pants if you are sporting Chelsea Boots and match up the boots with a long sleeved shirt and vest. Short sleeves go well but make sure you have a jacket.

As for the Cowboy boots, invest in a tan coloured or brown boot with a rubber sole for a modern take and pair them up with tucked in dark coloured jeans. Check out Langstons Western Boots  they have a wide selection of tan and brown Cowboy boots.

There are many styles of boots, particularly for women, such as the over the knee boots with is great for the switch between Spring and Winter because it is not that cold for tights just yet. Model Miranda Kerr always generates a huge following for the latest fashion trends. She wears her black over the knee boots paired up with an equally stylish and high end fashion outfit. Plaid skirts with a matching blouse and overcoat or a nice dress.

Well known singer, Rihanna goes a little bit edgier with her over the knee boots. Miniskirt with a jacket wrapped around her waist or silhouette dresses with a touch of lace. The trick to wearing over the knee boots is to know firstly what kind of feel you are going with your outfit. Are you edgy? Or are you upmarket?

Also keep in mind the colour of the boots. Black goes nearly with everything but brown is optional as well if you are pairing them up with a skinny jeans, tights or a nice flowing dress. Just make sure there is an inch and half gap between your boots and dress or skirt. Also ladies, keep the stiletto high heels for going out at night.

5 thoughts on “Are Boots Making a Comeback?

  1. boots are my absolute favorite. If I could I would wear them everyday. In fact, I am going to go boot shopping tomorrow, I could use a pair of combat boots.


    1. I actually don’t own a pair of booties because I never felt the need for one living in a tropical country. Have to buy some soon though as I’m moving to China for a year 🙂


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