OOTD: My Faraway Lover

What can be more difficult than loving someone from a distance?

I cannot even begin to explain the experience.

I should start with the constant longing that accompanies me day by day, the phrase “wish you were here” throbbing in my mind. I should also mention the countless nights I spend tossing and turning because I cannot silence the mocking emptiness that reverberates too loudly as soon as I close my eyes.

white and silver 6

Sometimes, I look at a blank wall and imagine your face there. I reach out to caress it, wishing my touch could warm its cold surface. But I am not Pygmalion. My hands hold no magic. I end up crying at the futility of the situation.

Loving someone from afar is learning to live with an ache that has a cure beyond my reach. Everyday is a test of trust and love. Patience has become my friend. Hope, my constant companion.

white and silver 9

Yet why do I persevere despite the obvious difficulties?

Maybe because I believe in fate. There was a one in a billion chance that we would meet and fall in love. Yet we found each other, despite living in different parts of the globe. That’s fate. Who am I to ignore it?

white and silver 8

white and silver 1

Also, you remind me of the constancy of love in the midst of ever-moving time. For the tears shed, for all the words spoken, there lingers the essence of a deeply – rooted affection that finds nourishment in the bonds between us.

white and silver 3

When my heart wanders with dreams of great adventures, you temper it with the reminder of your steadfast embrace. You have never failed to be where I want you most to be – tangled with my heart and soul.

white and silver 5

Though not in the literal sense, you, you’re always there. You are my sentinel. You are my port. Though far my ship has sailed, it knows no other way home but that path that leads to you.

white and silver 7

Lastly, it’s because when I learned to love you, it was as if a billion atoms exploded. My body burned and glimmered. Tears threatened to overflow. The intensity blew me away. My heart… I guess it’s yours forever.

white and silver 2

white and silver 4

Outfit Details:

Photos by Rhea Bue

P.S. This post was partly inspired by the movie Like Crazy. Most of it though was based on personal experience. 🙂

27 thoughts on “OOTD: My Faraway Lover

  1. Had I not know the song by Ingrid Michaelson, I would have thought the words were lyrics to the audio posted. Bookmarking this post because I have a tune in my head. Maybe one day you’ll give me permission to use your words as lyrics to my song.

    Love is indeed a sweet sorrow. Stay strong and in love~


  2. In long distance relationship, there needs to be a solid base in a relationship for it to linger across time and distance. The problem is that in time people change and evolve so with the distance and time, people end up to be different people than the one they fall in love with. The flip side is it does work for some people with a lot of effort and shared memories.


  3. You know, I’ve never found myself in a LDR yet. I feel like it’s not for me. I don’t have the courage, endurance and patience >.< I salute you and others who have kept a LDR for long though. You guys and girls are so strong! 🙂 Anyway, love your outfit here esp. the top and skirt! ❤


  4. Aww, you touch my heart. I met my husband while overseas and we had to spend quite awhile apart while he finished college. It was such a difficult time filled with bittersweet moments. But we look back at that time with fond memories, nights filled with longing and intense love. ❤

    You are looking fab, btw!


  5. I love the perfect match of the blouse and the skirt. I never thought it would match a day-time outfit but it nevertheless look nice on you. The texture of textile combination was balanced:)


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