Flawless Double-Date Outfits

Going out on a double date can be nerve wracking, even if both of you like both of the people you’ll be seeing. One of the things that makes the double date a lot easier, like with most other situations, is putting together the perfect outfit. Of course, because it’s a couple of couples, coordinating your outfit with that of your partner is also a good idea. Here is how to do that.

Match Conservatively


You want your outfits to coordinate. You do not want to dress exactly the same. You also don’t want it to look like you’re wearing some variation of his/her uniforms. It’s tempting when you’re out to show off your couple-hood by going overboard with the matching but, particularly on a double date, you want to take a more conservative and strategic approach. Match your accessories. For example, you could both wear watches made by a specific watchmaker. Or that are part of the same line. Cufflinks and a tennis bracelet from a specific jewelry designer’s spring line, for example, is a great way to match without being flamingly obvious about it. Match designers. For example, you can spend some time shopping on the Brooks Brothers website together. This retailer is known for men’s fashions, but they make clothing for women and kids as well. Match types but not colors. For example, if you’re going out for an afternoon with another couple you can both wear polo shirts and shorts, but you’ll want those shirts and shorts to be different colors and maybe even made by different designers.

Coordination is Key

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Coordinating one part of her outfit to another part of his outfit is a great way to tie what you’re wearing together without being overt about it.  Here are some examples. Coordinate the color and style of your accessories. If he is wearing a silver plated watch, she could wear silver bracelets or a silver necklace. If you’re going out in the evening or to a formal occasion, coordinate the color of his tie with her bag. For a more casual double date, you could coordinate the color of her hair accessories (hair ribbon for example) to the wristband of his watch (assuming the band is easy to change out).

Complementary Colors


It’s possible to really tie both of your outfits together by choosing complementary colors and styles. This helps you look like you match without being overt about it. For example, if she is wearing a light blue dress, he could match it with an aqua green tie or shirt. You can also choose complementary styles. This is easier to do when you are taking part in specific events, like playing a certain sport or attending a specific type of party where the dress code is spelled out ahead of time.


There are some things, watches, rings, wallets that come in his/hers varieties. Why not choose to wear these when you go on your double date? Obviously you don’t need or probably want to wear them every time you go out, but they can be a lovely touch on date night. If you really want to be overt about the fact that you’re together you can simply wear matching clothes but that will usually just make you look quirky…in a bad way. These suggestions will drive home your togetherness without making you look like you live in a retirement community in Florida.

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  1. I think complimenting colors should do the job without looking to similar. It’s good that there sites like brooks brother than can also provide you with clothing alternatives.


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