OOTD: Darling, I Do

There are days that are doomed to be miserable. You start by spilling tea on your favorite dress as you rush to work. You then waste your time on a traffic jam that seemed to have appeared out of nowhere. Then to make things worse, you get an angry call from your boss asking where you were and didn’t you know you were already an hour late?

Murphy’s law, they call it.

green girl

Then, in a day that’s destined for failures, you get stuck in an elevator with the man you’ve been eyeing for months. No, make that years! Suddenly, your stroke of bad luck becomes an opportunity for happiness.

Buzz, buzz – he presses the emergency button.

You pretend to be busy trying to ring someone on your phone when you know very well the place is a dead spot.

“Not today,” he says, “Not today of all days!”

“Meeting,” you ask in your most sympathetic tone.

“A very important deadline,” came the impatient reply.

“Aahh,” was your pathetic answer. Great job!

Green girl 2

“So… how long do you think we’re going to be in here?”

“Not too long I hope. I really can’t afford to miss that deadline.”

Buzz, buzz – he presses the button again.

You slump against the wall not knowing what else to do.

green girl 4

The awkward silence continues and you clear your throat nervously.

He turns to look at you and does a double take. You suddenly become self-conscious.

“What? Is there something wrong with my face?” No reply.

“Hello? Are you ok?”

Finally snapping out of his trance he says, “I’m sorry, what did you say?”

“I said is there something wrong with my face? You’re staring.”

green girl 11

“Oh..” an endearingly scarlet flush creeps on your face, “um… this will sound so cliche but have we met before?”

I smile, “Not really but we work in the same building and we’ve been in the same elevators before.”

“Really? That must be it, then. Right…”

The awkward silence ensues.

green girl 6

“So…” I try again, “May I ask what your deadline’s about?”

“I need to submit a report before lunch, which is about 30 minutes from now.”

“Oh dear, will you lose your job if you don’t submit it on time?”

“Possibly but I hope not.”

“Oh no, that won’t do.”

I press the emergency button several times but got no reply.

green girl 3

“Shall we try the roof, then?” I say pointing the ceiling.

“Not a good idea, I think. I’m not exactly James Bond so I think it’s safer to stay in here and wait.”

I laugh at that, “You’re probably right.”

We smile at each other. My heart soars.

green girl 7

“You know what, I think I really have met you before. I think we swapped coffees in that coffee shop downstairs.”

“Oh, oh, wait…. I think I remember. You’re Alex right,” I embarrassingly squealed in my excitement.

“Yeah, and you’re Alex too.”

“Yeah! I can’t believe you still remember that! That was years ago!”

green girl 8

“I couldn’t forget one of the biggest regrets of my life,” you smile while shaking your head.

“What regret?” I ask while my heart started to beat faster.

“I should have asked you out then. After you handed me back my coffee, I should have asked you out. Except that, I saw you in that pretty green dress, your eyes dancing while you smiled at me, and I just completely blanked out. I couldn’t say anything. I couldn’t even move. I just watched you walk away from me. That was the dumbest thing I ever did.”

green girl 9

green girl 5

“Oh… oh…” I stuttered not knowing what to say. I was happy! I was so happy I wanted fly!

“Soo…. Alex, will you go out with me, then? Maybe we can have some coffee again later?”

“Yes, of course I will.”

A whirring noise and the elevator came to life, starting its leisurely climb to cloud nine.

Green girl 10

Outfit Details:

Photos by Rhea Bue

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20 thoughts on “OOTD: Darling, I Do

  1. Nice story in between. I love how it played around from a bad day to a new opportunity of a chanced encounter in the past. And as for your outfit in the post, let’s just say you’d stand out in any coffee shop you’ll be even if you won’t accidentally take another persons cup.


  2. nice post/story dear! Prng yung commercial ng playboy perfume/fragrance na natrap sila sa elevator and the guy was thinking what is the real deal wit hthe girl and then after he pressed the emergency button the secret door open up with a really nice couch and all hahha anyways love your dress and bag too!


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