OOTD: In a Sea of People

In the midst of a sea of people, I suddenly caught your eyes. Frozen, the seconds lingered on to hours, while everyone and everything else sped on. Trapped in a time warp, I watched you draw closer and closer – one foot in front of the other, one slow breath at a time.

Spikes Blue 3

You brushed past me and the clocks started ticking again. Time’s moving so fast, I find myself breathing hard while trying to catch up. I was electrified! I couldn’t move. A warm tingle started from the point of contact and jumped from nerve to nerve. Is this how it feels to be alive?

Spikes Blue

Oh the rush of blood! It’s rushing through the rivers and streams of my veins! It’s been so long, my rusty heart creaked with every beat. I was dead trying to be like the living. Yet now, I am on fire.

spikes blue 6

spikes blue 5

I spun around as the realization came – where are you? Who are you? What magic to do you possess?

My feet started moving, picking up its pace, trying to find that one person, that one person who brought me back to life.

Spikes Blue 2

On and on I went, pushing against the unforgiving crowd. One thing was clear in my mind: I cannot lose you! Then I turned a corner and you were there, in the midst of sea of people. The crowd pushed on rushing to their own destination. We have finally reached ours.

spikes blue 4

You knew. You knew I would come running. We were meant to be in that moment.

“Hi,” I say breathlessly.

“Hello,” then a smile.

“You… you’re here.”

“Yes, and there’s no where else I’d rather be.”

spikes blue 7

Outfit Details:

  • Trousers – Redhead, SM Girls’ Teens Wear
  • Ruffled black top – thrifted
  • Tweed jacket – Blanc et Noir at SM Ladies’ Fashion, SM Store
  • Spiked necklace and bracelet from Sugar Rush
  • Shoes from SM Parisian Shoes and Bags

Photos by Rhea Bue

P.S. This was inspired by the opening scene in the movieย Closerย with Jude Law and Natalie Portman.

24 thoughts on “OOTD: In a Sea of People

  1. I love the story here, Mich! How I wish I’ve experienced love at first sight in a sea of people. But nah, I actually don’t believe in love at first sight eh XD Anyway, love your outfit too and syempre the photos taken by the talented Rhea!


  2. I love your top! And to think thrifted sya…. I need that kase maliit boobs ko. lol! I had fun reading your kakilig kilig na story. Feels like I’m reading a lovestory pocketbook.


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