OOTD: Possibility

Hope dies slowly especially when you least want it thrive.

How many nights have I sat there waiting, kept alive by the  possibility that you will finally remember me?


Days trudge along with hours ticking by slowly.

I repeat my routine for the umpteenth time:

  1. Compulsively check my email, hitting refresh when I find nothing.
  2. Stalk your Facebook page for signs of activity.
  3. Stare at the gray dot beside your name, willing it to turn green.
  4. Check my phone for missed messages or calls.
  5. Aimlessly pace around the room.
  6. Look out the window.

Back to step one.

Purple Possibilities

purple facing

Yesterday, I told myself that I’m moving on. The longer I cling to misguided hopes, the greater I suffer. And how I’m suffering! I ache unceasingly in that place left hollow by your absence. It wails and echoes; I cannot shut it out.

Purple Possibilities 3

Yet, I cannot let go of the thought that there’s a possibility… a possibility that today you’ll think of me.

Purple Possibilities 2

So I wait for you another night and by now, I’ve run my routine to perfection. Hope lasts when you have no need of it. It tangles around your heart, until you can no longer tell it apart from folly.

purple final

An author once said that hope is a dangerous emotion that more often than not led men into foolishness and peril. I know I’m a fool.

Purple Low Back Dress

But hope is also a beautiful thing that rewards those foolish enough to dream. I ache while I wait yet in my heart, I see no other but you. And, if one day you’ll suddenly remember me, I want to be here, waiting.

purple dress

Odysseus, when your feet have grown weary, here is your home.

parisian shoes

Outfit Details:

Photos taken by Rhea Bue.

P.S. Don’t forget to HYPE this look. 🙂

11 thoughts on “OOTD: Possibility

  1. I find you as a girl who someone who shouldn’t be kept waiting. Another great combination of a finely composed piece and a pretty outfit post. Well, the possibilities are endless if we look beyond the mails, FB pages and see the broader picture.


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