Animal Prints for Men at Burberry A/W 2013: Why Not?

Burberry, king of cool in digital marketing, created quite a stir in Milan Menswear Fashion Week with their latest collection for Autumn/Winter 2013. Titled I Heart Classics, Burberry takes you on a surprisingly delightful and tongue-in-cheek rendition of classic Burberry. Take, for example, this classic camel coat made new with leather details and a pair of leopard print shoes to match!

This beautifully crafted Boston bag carries the iconic Burberry print at the barrel but down the sides are lavish animal prints.

How awesome are these glasses? Although I doubt you can see anything through them. ๐Ÿ™‚


If you think the animal prints end with the accessories, then you couldn’t be more wrong. Check out these coats:

For the life of me, I never thought animal prints would look good on men but the boxy silhouette tempered the prints with a healthy dose of masculinity. Not everyone will agree, however. I have read some very outraged reactions online damning the prints as too feminine to ever belong in men’s apparel. What do you guys think?

If the prints aren’t for you, perhaps a splash of color is. The runway came alive with shades of royal red, hunting green, and navy blue.

But perhaps the best part of the collection were these adorable hearts patterned across different pieces of clothing – a blatant translation of the theme “I Heart Classics.”

Whenever I watch menswear shows, I can’t help thinking about how similar most of the looks are. Now, however, menswear has just gotten more exciting!


9 thoughts on “Animal Prints for Men at Burberry A/W 2013: Why Not?

  1. I feel it odd to wear animal prints as it calls to much attention. Well, that’s just me as I don’t want match of it but come to think of it, animal prints does make one stand out in a crowd. Just make sure, there is no zoo nearby. =>


  2. Wow, these are indeed too bold and too out there for most men I know. However, these looks are definitely interesting and far from being the boring and repetitive styles we usually see on the runway for men’s wear. I think among these looks though, the 4th to the last would be something my bf would wear ๐Ÿ™‚ There’s still animal print, but subtle. Plus, the jacket just looks too cool!


    1. Yeah exactly! hahaha the concept of leopard print sunglasses is cool but I really doubt you can see anything when wearing them! hehehehe


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