Girls Aloud team up with Pandora

In case you haven’t already heard, Girls Aloud are back! After three years apart working on their own individual projects, they are back on the scene with a bang to commemorate the ten years anniversary since their first release, Sound of the Underground.

Off the back of ITV’s popular show Popstars: The Rivals they blew off competition from boy band One True Voice and stole our hearts with their first single going straight in at number one and staying there for four consecutive weeks. Their new single Something New is the official Children in Need song and is released on 18th November.

To celebrate Girls Aloud Ten, the hits tour in 2013, the girls have teamed up with Pandora to share their stories and unforgettable moments all symbolised by individual Pandora Charms. Who and which ones will be your favourite?

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Is it the nation’s sweetheart Cheryl, who after her successful solo career describes her unforgettable moments: the mix of euphoria and complete and utter happiness after being at the birth of her first nephew at the age of just sixteen, experiencing feelings she never knew she had, the joys of her success with both Girls Aloud and her solo career, reaching number one so many times and performing for the Queen at the Diamond Jubilee. These are the moments she has chosen to represent her in her design. Cheryl’s choice of a silver crown surrounded by beautiful pave charms and two tone clips, symbolises her successful career and glamorous lifestyle.

Will it be Kimberley, whose unforgettable moment is described as when they first found out their single had got to number one in the UK singles charts and the feeling of elation she describes. Her two tone bracelet illustrates luxury and sophistication. The openwork star charms feature gold and diamond accents which add to the indulgence of this piece.

Nicola’s unforgettable moment is the surreal time surrounding getting into the band. Nicola’s choice of a woven bracelet offers a casual yet chic take on the classic charm bracelet. The choice of sparkling black pave and intricate gold and enamel charms add glamour and edginess to this design.

The unforgettable moment chosen by Nadine is one we can all relate to, the celebration around birthdays and Christmas with the family. The five clip bracelet is certainly a reflection of her feminine personality. Featuring delicately embellished clips with gold details, this design is full of sophistication and elegance.

Sarah describes winning first their Brit award as a defining moment of her career, adding the unforgettable moment has stayed with her forever. The chunky sterling silver and coloured pave charms featured in Sarah’s design are a reflection of her fashion-forward style. The Symmetry of the design keeps the bracelet is subtle yet stylish.

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Choose your favourite design, whether you decide to go with your favourite band member or complete the collection by buying them all, get your perfect Christmas gift and BUY PANDORA JEWELLERY online today.


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.

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