OOTD: Lights

Play this while you read:

Lights are burning in the sky tonight. From where I am, I can see the colors of the rainbow splashed across the dark canvas of night. What a wonderful sight to behold!

lights 4

On a night like this, you once held me in your arms. Tangled we were in pristine white sheets. Explosions of lights sounded in the distance. We were as limitless as the night sky.

lights 5

A sensual scent permeated the air. It was so sweet it was almost like biting into a succulent bit of strawberry dipped in the richest bowl of cream. Quite frankly, it left me so senseless I can barely remember the details.


lights 8

Do you remember the way you softly brushed your lips against my nape? How can a touch so gentle leave me with a mark burning even months after? I feel it there everyday. Your stamp saying, “You’re mine.”

lights 9

Then there was the time we laughed our heads off after watching a silly show on the telly. I cannot help but grin at the memory. Late night TV has never been as fun as when it was accompanied by your irreverent humor. You blackguard! How I love you!

lights 6

How I loved you…

I remember I’ve moved on now. Or, have I really?

lights 3

It’s just that those lights in the skies brought to me an onslaught of memories – ones I thought I have forgotten. I thought I’ve left that place when I packed my bags and told you good bye. Yet, here I am, still thinking about you.

lights 2

lights 7

Outfit Details:

  • Peplum dress from Redhead at SM Girls’ Teens Wear
  • Shoes from Ferretti
  • Bag from Ferretti
  • Necklace from SM Accessories
  • Belt from SM Accessories

I know, this post is a little sad for the New Year. I actually intended it to be hopeful but when I write, I let my thoughts take over and lead the story where it will. Maybe I’m just feeling a wee bit melancholic as I say good bye to 2012. It’s been a great year for me and I hope it’s been the same for you.

Thank you for your support this year and I’m looking forward to more years ahead with you guys! I love you all!


Photo by Rhea Bue of bebe-doll.net

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10 thoughts on “OOTD: Lights

  1. omg! all your posing super improve dear!! Pde kna tlg mgmodel!! sna yung photos mo more clearer pa pra mliwanag sa mga readers hehe. Ska mgnda kc yung mga outfit posts mo and mga posing much clearer much better!!! Happy nw year to you and YOur Lovelife Mich!! God bless! x0x0 muah!


  2. Nevermind with the sad thoughts! I love your outfit and that’s all that matters haha kidding! Pero honestly simple yet chic ang outfit! Peplum dresses ❤ I love the 1st photo 🙂 Cheer up!


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