A Modern Sort of Whimsy at Just Cavalli S/S 2013

Before the year ends, I decided to catch up on my fashion shows earlier via Fashion TV. While watching a video about the best of Milan Spring / Summer 2013, one particular collection caught my eye. Surprisingly, it was Just Cavalli – a brand that never particularly appealed to me before.

From the swishing skirts, colorful and clashing prints, and shiny textiles, every element was what for me made up a bohemian dream come true. It actually brought to mind Proenza Schouler’s tropical collection a few season’s back, which is one of my favorites, yet that was a bit more edgy. Just Cavalli’s collection Spring / Summer 2013 is more whimsical in silhouette but at the same time very modern when it came to the details.

12-27-2012 10-25-32 PM

Take the above, for example. The whole look is very laid back and easy to wear yet zooming in on the skirt, you’d notice the tiny studs that take this look to the next level.

Now here’s a look I absolutely adore where the silhouette is what, in fact, gives this look a sense of modernity, while the touch of lace gives it some whimsy.

This is where things start to get more colorful. I just love how all the above dresses flows so naturally. Even with these still photos, I can see movement.

Then came what VOGUE referred to as the crazy “fishy” inspiration. This is actually my favorite bit of the show. The merging of patterns and prints I find very interesting and exciting!

Last but not the least, the blouson jacket made an appearance at Just Cavalli’s S/S 2013 collection. For those not very familiar with blouson jackets, these are basically coats that have a drawstring at the waist so that when you pull them, the upper part hangs over the hem like a blouse.

Oh, before I forget, the shoes are just so lovely too, don’t you think?

The looks above shall be my fashion inspirations for 2013! What do you guys think?

Photos from VOGUE UK.

10 thoughts on “A Modern Sort of Whimsy at Just Cavalli S/S 2013

  1. i always watch fashion tv also! actually every night!! haha im addicted like that! those gorgeous girls makes me want to be so vain to have a gorgeous legs haha xx


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