OOTD: Day Dreamer

This morning, I dreamed about you. You know that moment in between waking and sleeping when your cobwebbed thoughts struggle to catch the filtering light of the sun? You were there, lingering in my subconsciousness like a ghost – hazy yet present.

70s dreamer 8


In my dream, you were leaning against a distant ledge, the sea behind you, the wind wildly teasing  the dark locks of your hair. From afar, you cast me a fond look that I found difficult to decipher:

Are you my friend? My lover?

70s dreamer 9


Languidly, you start walking towards me – the epitome of predatory grace! Anticipation builds BUT a sudden buzzing jolted me awake. I held on to you as tightly as  I could yet in this losing battle, you eventually slipped away. For a long moment, I kept my eyes closed, wishing you back. I see nothing.

Ah, the transient nature of dreams!

70s dreamer 4


At lunch, I caught myself drifting back to that picture of you. I stare into space, willing it to take me back to that moment. What were you going to say I wonder? Will you tell me the thing I desperately want to hear?

70s dreamer 3

70s dreamer 2


I smile at the thought. It’s entirely possible that in my dream, you were about to take my hand whilst pressing the softest whisper of a kiss upon my lips. It may also be that in a fit of mad passion, you were about to kiss me so passionately, my mind will spin to dizzying heights until it can no longer process your intensity. It’s  also very much possible that…

70s dreamer 5


…that you were about to ruffle my hair as you would your sister and forever dash my dreams of you and me.

70s dreamer 6


They say the world will end today. Before it does, shall I tell you how much I’ve longed to touch you outside my dreams? These past 23 years of my life, never have I wanted anything more than this!


70s dreamer 7


Tonight, my eyes will close with a prayer that in my lucid dreaming, you’ll find your way back to me. And, as the world spins madly to dust, we’ll spin hand in hand ’til back to ashes we become.


70s dreamer


Outfit Details:

  • Leopard Shirt from Gelibean Couture
  • Leather Jacket from Promod
  • Printed Skirt from Studio at SM Ladies’ Fashion
  • Shoes from Folded and Hung
  • Hat from my Aunty

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