Celebrity Engagement Rings: Styles, Shapes and Even Colors to Consider

Nothing thrills some women more than being able to emulate some aspects of the celebrity lifestyle. While she might not be able to afford the latest fashions, she may often be just as happy with some of the knock off styles. If you would like to really impress your lady love, you might want to consider showing her that you not only pay attention to her interests but that you want to give her the stars.

One way to accomplish that is with one of the engagement rings that mimic those worn by today’s hottest stars. Most are one of a kind but smart jewelers are offering similar looks at a fraction of the costs. Unique diamond engagement rings are in high demand as more women realize they don’t have to settle for cookie cutter looks.

Interesting Shapes: Beyond the Round Cut Diamond

When Brad Pitt finally slipped a ring on the finger of long time love, Angelina Jolie, it was one that was as dramatic and exotically beautiful as she is. That ring, an elongated tablet shaped stone surrounded by smaller diamonds of similar shape is a stunning testament to strength and one of a kind, stunning looks. A square or emerald cut diamond can give much the same appearance in a less bold, less expensive ring.

Ryan Reynolds gave Blake Lively a ring with an oval center stone, set on a diamond band, another option for those who want to move away from the traditional engagement ring look.

(Photo from stylenews.peoplestylewatch.com)

Think Color: Why Diamonds are not the Only Choice

Do not think you are stuck with only the diamond as the stone in your engagement ring. In fact, some women actually prefer other stones. Halle Berry was gifted with a specially commissioned emerald that featured secret messages meant for her eyes only. And of course, the most famous engagement ring in current times is the eighteen carat sapphire ring that was given to Kate Middleton when she wed Prince William. That ring had been worn by his beloved mother making his choice even more endearing to everyone.

A favorite stone, whether it is a sapphire, a ruby or an emerald can be used as a gorgeous and very unique engagement ring for the woman that is not interested in having the same stone as anybody else. Another option to consider is her birthstone as her engagement ring. Keep in mind that not all women are thrilled with their own birthstones, however.

(Photo from Shefinds.com)

Antique Rings are Amazing But Hard to Find

She may only be nineteen, but Miley Cyrus is sporting a very large (3.5 carat) cushion cut ring in an 18 carat, yellow gold band. That ring, an antique piece is not only stunningly beautiful, it is unique because it is an antique. Finding a ring in an antique store is, of course, a huge bonus but you can often find similar styles in jewelry stores, especially those that focus on a wider range of styles. The more styles you have to choose from, the more likely you are to find exactly what you are looking for, for the woman that you love.

(Photo from engaged.robbinsbrothers.com)

10 thoughts on “Celebrity Engagement Rings: Styles, Shapes and Even Colors to Consider

  1. haha hey @mich talking about that? Are U engaged n nga b? hahaha I would like to attend your wedding lah! I have my engagement ring as well and my husband himself told me the purpose and why he chooses that design for me. and I was shocked about that proposal moment. We’re planning to do another wedding in philippines soon haha I guess The guys shud really know you to be able for him to decide what ring is meant for you. GOodluck mich and tom! xx


    1. Hahahahhah no not yet! Maybe not until a few more years! hahaha Awww your husband’s so sweet!!! Can’t wait to congratulate you on your second marriage 😛


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