On the Watch List: Snoe Beauty Inc.’s Future Products

The future definitely looks bright for Snoe Beauty Inc as they gave us a glimpse of their upcoming products during the Past, Present Future event last, last week. Almost on its third year in the market, Snoe’s product innovation and creativity in packaging at the core of its success. Every month, Snoe seems to come up with new products, each as exciting as the others already in the lineup. Reading their announcements on Facebook never fail to excite me.

snoe jen gerodias

(Above: Jen Gerodias Diaz, Snoe Beauty Inc Founder and product mastermind)

At the event, aptly called The Past, Present, and Future, we were given a showcase of the brand’s history through their products. Snoe started the business with a great selection of soaps that eventually brought the brand popularity among a select number of loyal users. Some of my old favorites include their body spritz and sunblock.

snoe past products

For their present products, my favorite is their very pigmented line up lipsticks. I just got to try it a few weeks back it quickly made to my list of favorite things.

snoe rouge lipstick

Other products to watch out for include the following:

snoe present products

  • Snoe Hair Heroes Super Fresh – the latest addition to the Hair Heroes line, this 5-in-1 product is a cleansing conditioner, after shampoo rinse out, conditioner, head massage stimulant cream, deep treatment mask, and leave-on conditioner. It has sage, tea tree, and mint.
  • Here Comes the Sunblock Instant Rosy White SPF 45 Sun Lotion – it has bengkoang and arbutin to whiten skin after frequent use. It also moisturizes, provides damage protection with its antioxidants, is non-greasy, and paraben-free.
  • Body Recipes Fresh Custard Powder – this powder is infused with Argan oil for a silky sensation, Acai berries for antioxidants, and sunscree protection.
  • Poudre Phenomenon – Loose powder infused with Acai berries and with SPF30++.

snoe poudre phenomenon

  • Shoo – Zit Line – contains Purefix – DC Crown Wood Fern, a traditional medicine from Korea that inhibits acne bacteria. It also contains Pure white, a natural whitening and brightening agent.
  • Hyperfunction Foundation – this new line of foundation has escargot (aka snails, particularly snail slime) that’s able to heal damages on the skin, broccoli as a whitening agent, and Acai berries for antioxidants.
  • BB-fied HD – BB Pigment Mix – transforms your ordinary sunscreen, moisturizer, etc into a BB Cream!

Now if you think their products at present are exciting, there’s even more to look forward to in the future!

snoe future products

For Snoe’s future lineup, you can expect glitter eyeliners in all shades of the rainbows, tattoo eyebrow pens, lip products similar to Clinique’s Chubby Sticks, and false lashes from the same supplier as MAC. Looking good, right?

If you have other product suggestions, please feel free to leave your comments below or leave a comment at the Snoe Beauty Facebook Page. They would love to hear your suggestions.

snoe bloggers

Shout out to these girls who kept me company during the event! 🙂

What do you think of Snoe’s past, present, and future products?

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