SM Accessories Launches the Supreme Four and their Holiday Collection

This year, SM Accessories has definitely raised the bar in fashion accessories retail. With collections that manage to balance both style and affordability, they have proven themselves to be the authority when it comes to fashion accessories.

Ending the year with a grand launch of their latest collections, SM Accessories gathered who’s who in the metro including at Republiq where a fashion show was held featuring four new collections:

 The Hunter Street Collection showcased pieces with eclectic prints fit for the free-spirited people of the world type; Urban Glam featured sleek, tapered and classy pieces; Baroque showcased pieces highlighting sophisticated elegance; Blue Royale will be a definite standout with its regal and eye-catching pieces. 

SM Accessories Show

SM Accessories show 2

sm accessories show 3

sm accessories show 4

sm accessories show 6

sm accessories show 5

Perhaps the more exciting revelation of the night, however, was the unveiling of SM Accessories’ Supreme Four, which included the dashing Xian Lim, Georgina Wilson, Richard Guttierez, and the beautiful Anne Curtis.

sm accessories 8

sm accessories show 8

sm accessories show richard

sm accessories show anne curtis 2

sm accessories show anne curtis

Personally, I was every excited to see not only the supreme four but also SM Accessories’ latest offerings. I buy most of my stuff from them because they have a wide selection of trendy accessories that won’t break the bank. In particular, I love the Blue Royale and Baroque collections. 🙂

I attended the event with Rhea of but I was glad to also be able to hang out with Nika of Your Fashion Inspiration.

sm accessories show michsm accessories show bloggers

Had so much fun that night because if there’s one thing I love, it’s partying in the company of great friends! Throw in a very successful fashion show and I’m in fashion heaven! 🙂

Have you seen SM Accessories’ latest collections? Let me know what you think!

9 thoughts on “SM Accessories Launches the Supreme Four and their Holiday Collection

  1. Wow, Who want Accessories. I am In love with these Models. LOL Jokes a Part. Really awesome share, Landed on your site for first time and its really useful. Peace


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