OOTD: I’m Your Future

In a reality that’s different from ours, the great dome we call “sky” is frozen in an eternal, fiery sunset unobstructed by the fumes of industrialization.


People are gifted with the ability to walk on water or ride on clouds as they travel from one continent to another.

future 2

Art is embodied by the delightful intertwining of light and shadow, rather than the awkward layering of “modern” and “abstract” entities.

future 3

Yet more importantly, in this alternate world, lovers are able to transcend the confines of virtual boundaries with a simple, fervent wish to be together.

future 5

future 7

Lover, when you gaze at me, with eyes as round as the moon, you see that I’m your future. With the burning intensity of your touch, you convince the intergalactic forces to conspire to bring us together.

future 4

future 6

We create our future in the cauldron of our present. A dash of love, a sprinkle of ethics, a ton of action, a sliver of luck – today we glimpse at who we are to become. In my glimpses at the strands of time, I’m happy to see that yours and mine are closely intertwined.

Outfit Details:

I wore this outfit to the Snoe Beauty event where the theme was “futuristic.” This is my interpretation of the theme. Do you think it’s futuristic? 🙂

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20 thoughts on “OOTD: I’m Your Future

  1. Since the dress is a bit futuristic, glad to know that there will still be pretty faces in the future. Nice combination again of photos and poetry. We do indeed create our future.


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