OOTD: Night, My Love

In the ripe hours of midnight, when the peak of darkness merges with the birth of a new a day, I scale the walls of memory to enter the golden castle where you reside. One cautious step at a time, I enter your walls where I was greeted by an echoing silence.

Where do you rest, my love? May I take a dip in the cool waters of your sleep?

I conquer the steepest staircase I have ever encountered. All to find the glory of your touch. Up and up I go, my legs groaned in suffering. For you, only for you.

There I was at the summit; yes, I’ve climbed a mountain. A thought suddenly struck me, “Would you conquer the world for me too? ”

I am uncertain, but I hope you would. Have you not given me your heart?

Remember that time when you asked for some time alone? I thought you were letting me go and I cried until I could cry no more. Yet, when I looked at you, your eyes were glittering with tears too.

It was then that you said, “I love you and I’m not letting go.”

Eyes closed, I smile to myself as the wind carried to me  a kiss from a not so distant time. A familiar scent wrapped itself around me. A hand clasped mine and I knew I was home.

There you are, my prince. Have you come to take me away?

Up on a cloud we go gliding from memory to memory, creating more as we go along. Against the lavender skies of dawn, you draw me ever closer until I was made to believe in fairy tales.

Oh how we rejoiced in slumber! Comfortably snuggled against downy wisps of cloud, you whisper:

Good night, my love, good night! In the land of dreams, we only move forward. There’s no looking back!

Outfit Details:

  • Nude and Bronze Bodycon Dress from Forever 21
  • Necklace from SM Accessories
  • Blush Pumps from Parisian
  • Satchel borrowed from Rhea
  • Bracelet from Singapore

P.S. Don’t forget the HYPE this look on LOOKBOOK!

19 thoughts on “OOTD: Night, My Love

  1. Looks like you have no days off when it comes to being fashionable. Great mix off literature again in your outfit post. Do you write them as you make your outfit post or you have already a collection of your previously written pieces and just integrate it in your outfit posts?


    1. Hi Franc! For this one, I just wrote straight off the bat! 🙂 I only have poems in my repertoire and those are what I integrate in outfit posts. 🙂


    1. Oh no 😦 Probably coz of slow net connection? I resized the photos na so they are small lang. Should load faster 🙂


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