Bellefleur by Beatrix for Christmas

Christmas is less than 40 days away and that signals one thing – it’s time to do our gift shopping! Now, shopping for gifts is a tricky thing! It’s easy enough when you know the person you’re giving the gift to very well but for colleagues and clients, it can get a bit  difficult. Often, you want something generic in the sense that it’s not gender-specific yet at the same time, you still want it to be something nice and valuable.

As I was pondering this, my friend Kim from Bellefleur by Beatrix sent me a tub of French macarons to try. It was an answered prayer because immediately, I thought that it would make the perfect gift!

Kim’s sister, Beatrix, is a prolific and passionate baker. It took her a few years to master this macaron recipe until she was happy that it was up to her and her sister’s high standards. Since Bea did most of her baking while she was studying in Canada, she needed to tweak her recipe when she went back to the Philippines to suit the warmer climate. Apparently, if you don’t get the recipe just right, you get crumbly macarons. 🙂

I was lucky enough to be one of the testers when Bea and Kim were still finalizing their recipe. Kim would often bring tons of macarons to the office for us to try. My favorites are their Lemon and Earl Grey flavors. If there was one word to use to describe how their macarons taste, it would be decadent because they don’t scrimp on the ingredients. Every bite is flavorful, chewy, and sweet.

More recently, they released a new flavor. Can you guess what it is?

It’s everyone’s favorite Red Velvet! The color is so perfect for Christmas, don’t you think? 🙂

Some of my friends at the office have already bought some to give as gifts too! If you’re interested to do the same, please get in touch with them at their Facebook page or text/call them at 0917-4229437.

Oh, they also sell cupcakes and brownies that are also really good!!!

I really thought I’d share this with you guys not only because Kim is my friend but also because their products are of such great quality. They deserve to be known more. Hehehe 🙂

So please like their page! I would treat it as an early Christmas gift from you to me. 🙂

Photos by Rhea Bue and Bellefleur.

14 thoughts on “Bellefleur by Beatrix for Christmas

  1. omg! i just want macaroons now! imma run later at suria for this haha very tempting and yummy just the pictures! haha great gift indeed! i think all you want for xmas is this haha xx


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