OOTD: To Gabriel

Tonight is a night of remembrance. It’s one of those nights when, inspired by a rush of memories, my hands just fly over the keyboard in a flurry of words. For that, I am very grateful. There are days when extracting words from my mind is a feat worthy of heroes and a hero, I am most certainly not. πŸ™‚

As I was editing the photos for today’s post, a poem I read from a Heights 1997 issue came to mind. Heights, by the way, is the official literary publication of the Ateneo. I remember resonating with that poem so much I wrote it down in a notebook somewhere. Unfortunately, that notebook can no longer be found and although I clearly remember the feelings incited by the poem, I no longer remember the title nor the author. There is a line from the poem, however, Β that stuck to me: “I am not the bulwark you thought me to be. I, too, stumble and fall.”

That was a very enlightening piece of poetry for me. It spoke of the tension between strength and fragility that has always fascinated me. The irony of it all is despite the walls we try to build around ourselves to connote our power, it’s also those very walls that betray the fragility within. After all, it’s only when we dare to lay our fears and insecurities in the open that we can truly gain power over them.

Ah, but enough of that for now. I tend to ramble when I think too much. πŸ™‚ There will be fewer words from here on because along with the outfit post, I’ll share with you a poem I wrote ages ago for a character in a novel called Gabriel. In case you’re curious, the book is called Archangel by Sharon Shinn. If you haven’t read it yet, then I suggest you do so pronto! It’s a beautiful series. πŸ™‚

It has come down to this:

my feet firmly clutching the earth,
soil curling against my toes.

down from my euphoria
eventually, i have lost
my wings

And yet, I have won:

euphoria made me dizzy
my wings could not have broken my fall

I am but a mere human

destined to fall

with warmth streaming through my tangled veins

my mind spiraling around galaxies.


“You see, you have no need for angels’ wings.”

Outfit details:

  • Black long-sleeved top from Promod
  • Blue zip up corset / body suit from Oxygen
  • Skirt from Dickies
  • Necklace from my Tita
  • Bracelets from random places
  • Shoes from Payless Shoes

Photo by Rhea Bue.

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16 thoughts on “OOTD: To Gabriel

  1. all the shots were gorge dear! ganda ng colours ng all! your rocking that long sleeve and corset! i haven’t try wearing a corset maybe its time soon! very nice outfit!! number 3 photo is the bomb! xx


  2. You just make a good combo of a good writer and a pretty face. It’s always entertaining reading your post. I hope to get to see old school college publication works from you in the future.


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