OOTD: Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire

You’ve left me burning, that night you held my hand for the very first time. In your eyes, I saw that you knew and you understood – deep inside the walls I’ve built around myself is a fragility that may break at the softest whisper. I warned you. I really did.

Yet still, you touched me.

One touch started a wildfire. Colors splashed across the pitch-black night. You and I were consumed by the flames. Feverishly, we spun round and round until our dreams got tangled and we no longer knew where one began and the other ended.

Oh to know such bliss! To be caught in a moment of suspended revelry! There is a rainbow at every corner and always a star begging to grant a wish.

Surely, there’s happiness to be found in acceptance and contentment, in belonging.

And yet, why do I desire for more? Why am I tortured by thoughts of another distant star? Suddenly, I’m burning for something greater than passion. Through the tears in your eyes, I saw that you knew and you understood – I have to go.

I’m sorry, but I warned you. I really did.Β Yet still, you touched me.

Outfit Details:

  • Leopard Print Top from Gelibean Couture
  • Fringed Skirt from a Bazaar
  • Necklace from SM Accessories
  • Shoes from Parisian at SM Department Store

Photos by: Rhea Bue

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21 thoughts on “OOTD: Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire

  1. You talking about a guy or your footwear? πŸ™‚ Either way you are lovely! I like how you model what we girls in our early 40s wear to many days at work (I’m in higher education/faculties of management and accounting in a fashion liberal country). It makes me think of my younger days.


  2. I admire how you can add literary undertones in your outfit posts. You just really brighten up with your smile especially the one you were smiling here. I was awaiting the patented open mouth pose though. =>


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