Accessories Haul x Privado Sale!

I’ve been telling myself that I need to build my accessories collection because accessories do a lot to help complete a look. Many have there been a time when I wished I had a particular accessory to complement my outfit. Whenever I go shopping, though, I never end up getting any. Instead, I buy more clothes because my logic when I”m at the mall always ends up being, “The money I will spend on accessories is better spent on a new dress or  skirt or top.”

Do you guys get what I mean? I hope I’m making sense here. :))

Good thing though that SM Accessories sent me these gorgeous accessories for my collection! Suddenly, I had my problem solved! Kinda superficial, right? Nonetheless, I am thrilled and happy to get these!

I promise you’ll see more of these in my upcoming outfit posts!

Also, a great announcement for all of you who also want to build your accessories collection like me. SM Accessories will be having their grandest luxury event called PRIVADO this coming November 16 to 18, 2012. This three-day sale will feature  items from over 100 hot brands…Escada, Timex, Roberto Cavalli, Esprit, Police, Tommy Hilfiger, Citizen, Armani, F&C, Kenneth Cole and a lot more!

You can check out the poster below for more information:

See you all again tomorrow! I have so many things to write about and I’m just getting started. Now that I’ve fully recovered from my sickness, I’m ready to start blogging again!

Love you all! Thanks for taking care of my blog while I was gone! 😉

7 thoughts on “Accessories Haul x Privado Sale!

  1. I love the pearls the most Mich! Wow, this is indeed such a haul! Lucky you! ❤ I also love SM accessories, I usually splurge with them in a timely basis. LOL


  2. Oh so many lovely accessories Mich! We have the same logic when we’re out shopping really! I mean I’d rather spend them all on clothes but when it’s time to dress up I regret not buying enough accessories!


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