Jewelmer Spring / Summer 2013

It was only after I got acquainted with Jewelmer‘s products that I truly began to appreciate the beauty of pearls. Each pearl is a living being that’s truly a gift taken from the heart of mother nature. With Jewelmer’s fine craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail, each golden South Sea pearl, only found in the waters of Palawan, by the way, is made even more exquisite.

Last week, Jewelmer launched its latest collection for Spring and Summer 2013. The collection was composed of the following line – Tropics, Dolce Rosa, Via Rosa, and Pelagia. Needless to say, each piece in the collection was both stunning and breathtaking.

To start, the Tropics line was inspired by nature’s glorious bounty, with its many colors, shapes, and texture. The necklace, which was my favorite piece in the line,  settled perfectly against the curves of a woman’s neck making it look even longer and much more graceful.

Via Rosa, on the other hand, is an ode to the rose. The shapes in the line mimics the rose’s gentle and delicate petals and in the heart of it all is the glowing and lustrous South Sea pearl.

In a “stunning reincarnation” of the rose, the Dolce Rosa line is another line that takes inspiration from the classic allure of the rose. Each piece shines brilliantly with the undeniably glitter of a multitude of pavé diamonds. However, in the midst of it all is still golden pearl.

Last but not the least, the Pelagia rings bring to mind the imagery of the pearl bursting forth from the azure surface of the water as it nestles against the mouth of a silver fish. This too is one of my favorite pieces as the setting presents the pearl in a more modern way. To view the pieces from this collection, please visit

Rhea and I were lucky to be able to attend the exclusive press launch, where we were able to view the collection up close at their Glorietta 4 boutique before it was formally launched at the Jewelmer Gala. We were also able to witness a live photo shoot with none other than renowned Filipino photographer Xander Angeles behind the lens.

The event was hosted by very elegant Daphne Oseña – Paez, whom I have admired for ages!

It was just too bad that I missed the actual Jewelmer Gala because I was out-of-town when the event happened. I heard that it was a glorious night that I would forever regret missing. 🙂

What do you guys think of Jewelmer’s collection? 

P.S. Photos were taken by Rhea Bue.

24 thoughts on “Jewelmer Spring / Summer 2013

  1. i love love pearls and south sea pearls always stood out 🙂 but jewelmer is soo expensive, I hope I can afford even a piece soon, my friend promised me a discount 🙂 ) … those are really stunning designs ❤ nice shots!


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