OOTD: Draped

I’m currently in a small inn in Kalibo as I write this post. Things are winding down in this sleepy town where shops close around 9 in the evening. There’s resistance about going back to the hustle and bustle of Manila tomorrow but alas, life moves on.

The past few days have been a great adventure. My friends and I spent it in Boracay – swimming, eating, and partying ’til dawn. It’s been ages since I felt this carefree. I stopped thinking about work completely and thought only about where to eat next, how long I should swim, and what to drink while partying. It’s amazing how leaving all your worries behind can totallyΒ rejuvenateΒ the spirit.

While I was away, this blog’s been a bit neglected. I couldn’t bring myself to sit in front of my laptop, edit photos, and write, while outside was the majestic view of the Boracay shoreline beckoning me to come out and take a dip. Now that I’m back though, expect regular updates. πŸ™‚

I wore this to the Jewelmer Gala Β held last Thursday at the Jewelmer Boutique in Glorietta. It was an exclusive event to showcase Jewelmer’s latest collection for Spring / Summer to the press and VIPs. I have to say the collection was just so exquisitely beautiful that I would die to have any piece from the collection. I shall write about it soon so you will also see how beautiful everything was. πŸ™‚

Since it was a day event, I had the challenge of coming up with a look that was sophisticated but also day-appropriate. In the end, I wore my one-sleeved red dress from Forever 21, which is more appropriate for a girls’ night out on its own, and layered this beautiful skirt from Blanc et Noir on top to tone the dress down and make it more daytime.

Outfit details;

  • Red one-sleeved Dress from Forever 21
  • Draped Skirt from Blanc et Noir at SM Ladies’ Fashion
  • Necklace from St. Francis
  • Belt from SM Department Store
  • Bag from Sophie Paris
  • Ring from H&M
  • Shoes from Forever 21

27 thoughts on “OOTD: Draped

  1. It’s a bit difficult updating ones blog if you have the fine white sand and bluewaters of Boracay. I’m going there in a few weeks for a friends wedding. It’s always good to take some time away from the regular work-life routine.


    1. Hope you enjoy your stay there! There were several weddings there when we were there too. I guess it’s wedding season!


  2. you look sophisticated in that ensemble :)) ….. that jewelmer pieces are really stunning, a good friend works there and she’s allowed to wear those items for some period of time … looking forward to your jewelmer post!


  3. Mich!!! I so love this outfit! The one-sleeved dress look so sleek as a top, but the showstopper is your Blanc et Noir skirt! I haven’t checked out Blanc et Noir at SM yet, but since I’m so at awe at your draped skirt, I’ll head on to the Ladies’ Fashion section na.. πŸ˜€ I’m always stuck at the GTW eh XD


  4. You look gorgeous Mich!~ I bet you had a blast on the Gala event. Saw some picture on facebook too. πŸ™‚ Sooo lucky you get to cover VIP events such as the Gala. That would be a dream job for me. Ha! πŸ˜€

    The details of your outfit is absolutely beautiful and I love the way you matched your ensemble. Tc!~


  5. Congrats, My mom was born in Kalibo, Aklan but I have never been to Boracay. Hoping to get a good vacation next year so I can go there. Love your outfit.


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