Ways to Save When Shopping

Many of us spend much more than we need to when we go shopping.  Whether it’s for food, clothes or any other items, we can always take steps to save those crucial extra pennies.  If you’re trying to save for a big, special purchase, or just trying to save some money to store away – you’ll need to look at your expenses closely.

The first area to look at is your expenditure at the supermarket.  Shopping for food is a necessity, and is always going to be part of your weekly outgoings.  However, there are numerous ways in which you can reduce the amount you spend on your food.  The first, and most basic method is to simply opt for cheaper brands.  Whatever food you buy, there are normally a variety of brands offering the same product in the same supermarket.  Most big supermarkets also offer their own brands, which are always the cheapest to buy.  The quality may not necessarily be top-of-the-range, but you can be sure you’ll be saving those vital extra pennies. You can earn whilst spending in order to save by applying for rewards cards online. Credit cards not only allow you the chance to earn rewards but they also allow you to spread the cost of purchases out.  You could also visit your local grocery store instead of buying everything at the one supermarket.  You will often find better products and cheaper rates at most grocery stores.  Another alternative is to make fewer shopping trips, but buy more products.  A great way to do this is to visit wholesale stores – you will probably need a car, and someone to give you a hand, but this will save you a lot of money in the long run.  Make a list of products that you buy every week, and then buy them in one large bulk – most items are offered at discount prices if bought in large quantities.

Another area you can save in is your expenditure on clothes.  Most people already have more than enough clothes in their wardrobe, and could potentially cut out any new purchases altogether.  However, all clothing will naturally suffer wear and tear, and need to be replaced at some point.  You could opt for cheaper brands and forfeit any styles that are currently in trend.  Alternatively, you could make a bigger investment on clothing that you know will last longer.

Disclaimer: This is a guest post.

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