OOTD: If I Cross This Road, Will I See You There?

I reached a bend in my path one crazy night and I stood there, wondering about what to do. I was trying to think but there was a buzzing in my head. Remember that night in your bed? The rain was pouring so hard, it wouldn’t let me think. There I was at that bend in the road, thinking about that rainy night and how I wished there was a button to muffle the sound of the rain.

You see, I’m very comfortable where I am now. I really don’t want to move. Yet you told me, “Comfortable does not necessarily mean happy,” and I knew you were right.

The road ahead, however, scares me. I don’t know what’s across. Will you be there waiting for me?

You do know that for you, I’d take a chance but I cannot help the way this uncertainty puts lead on my shoes. One heavy step at a time, I make the journey. Don’t blame me if I often look back. My past is a safe harbor. My present is a test of courage. My future is a dream about you.

It’s just that when I was mapping out my destination, I didn’t foresee bumping into you. If I did, I would have donned an armor heavy enough to deflect your charms. As it is, you caught me like a deer in the headlights; my instincts screamed at me to run but I paid no heed for I was transfixed by your allure.

I blame your smile. It’s what drives me off course. Yet every time I get lost thinking about it, it’s worth it. No other smile has made me as happy. I would gladly cross oceans to see it up close.

Because you see, that smile takes me to happy places. It brings back a memory of myself finding a meadow of purple wild flowers as a child. That was a magical moment  of discovery and good surprises. I thought I’d never feel that way again but I did when I saw you smile.

Outfit details:

  • Dress by Redhead at SM GTW
  • Belt from SM Accessories
  • Clutch from What Women Want at SM Accessories
  • Shoes from Folded & Hung

P.S. Don’t forget to hype this look here.

P.S.S. Photo by Rhea Bue.

16 thoughts on “OOTD: If I Cross This Road, Will I See You There?

  1. The story is great and there were some distinct lines that really strike a cord like being comfortable is not being happy and the past being a safe harbor and the current being a test. I’m glad that your piece ended with a smile because the world would be such a better place with that killer smile of yours.


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