OOTD: Young, Wild, Free

It’s been a while since high school – the years of angst, exhilarating crushes, self-exploration, exclusive cliques, and unrequited love. I have so many happy high school memories but it was also a time of roller coaster dramas and low self-worth.  Although some people say that high school is the best time of one’s life, I’m so glad that I’m over it.

When I attended the Candy Fair, however, it was like I was transported back in time. Suddenly, I was surrounded by uber trendy teenage girls and boys dressed to the nines, all raring to catch a glimpse of their favorite Candy Cuties. Just like in high school, I saw the cliques of popular kids, the shy ones at the corner, the rebels, the average kids; it was an interesting social experiment.

Despite feeling a bit odd and out of place, I decided to get into the spirit of the fair. It’s not everyday that I get to feel young again. So, without further ado, welcome back the young Mich! 😀

Ugh, my feet look chunky! 😛

Doing my signature open-mouthed pose!

The theme for the event was neon. Since that top was the only thing I got that would pass as neon, I just layered it over a bodycon dress my friend Isis lent to me. I also piled on a couple of neon accessories (from Saizen and Landmark) and sported neon orange nails to make up for the lack of neon clothes. :))

Meanwhile, the bag is a vintage Nina Ricci while the shoes are from Folded and Hung.

I would like to write more about the Candy Fair soon but watch out for it in another entry. 🙂

For now, it’s time to say adios! 😉

P.S. Photos are by the very talented Rhea of Bebe-doll.net. HYPE this look on LOOKBOOK.

28 thoughts on “OOTD: Young, Wild, Free

  1. Looks nice. I love the 3rd photo. I think it shows femininity and power. And I love that open-mouth smile. HAHA I smile like that sometimes (it can be awkward for males to do it but I think I can pull it off. LOL). Learned it from Heart Evangelista. She says you do it if you want to strike a toothpaste TVC smile. ❤


  2. Hey I do like that dress. It matches great with the bag and bracelet. And of course, it matches your color. I saw something like this before at shopthiseasy.com/shops/casual-dress. Anyway, keep posting good dresses girl.


  3. Oooh this is one of my fave OOTD posts from you! You look so pretty and the outfit is really nice as well! I can feel your happiness sa pictures 🙂


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