Stylist for a Day at Araneta Center’s Dress Me Up Event

If given the chance to work in any industry I like, I would definitely choose the fashion industry. Because I am in love with the fashion world, I would love to be a stylist, model (definitely no chance there!), or a makeup artist. Getting into the industry, however, is not easy. The jobs I mentioned are not conventional. I believe it takes some courage and loads of talent to be successful in those careers. Moreover, the success you reap are entirely dependent on your persistence, public relations skills, and chance. That mix scares me.

On one hand, I am a very pragmatic person who likes taking the tried and tested path up the career ladder. On the other, my more creative side is dying for attention. Right now, however, I’m not yet ready for a complete change but I am nevertheless glad for opportunities that let me dabble in my true passions.

Last September 15, the Araneta Center invited me and other fashion bloggers to participate in a fashion styling event where we were given the opportunity to dress Miss Universe Philippines 2012 Janine Tugonon, Bb. Pilipinas-International Nicole Schmitz, Bb. Pilipinas-Tourism Katrina Dimaranan, Bb. Pilipinas 2012 2nd Runner-up Annalie Forbes, and Miss International 2011 Semi-Finalist Dianne Necio, and male models from Next Models.

Like true stylists, we went around participating shops in Gateway Mall and SM Cubao Department Store to pull out clothes for models. I was partnered with Rhea of and our challenge was to dress two models (Nicole Schmitz and Colin Smith)  in one hour and do a photo shoot after.

Tadaaaa! The result:

What do you guys think? Not bad for a first attempt, I hope. 🙂

If you like our work, PLEASE, PLEASE vote for it by liking this photo on the Araneta Center Facebook page. Just click HERE to like it. PLEASE, PLEASE!

“Dress Me Up: A Fashion Bloggers Event” is brought to you by the Araneta Center, co-presented by SM Department Store Araneta Center, and sponsored by Gateway Mall, David’s Salon, and Pizza Hut. Participating brands include Jag, Bayo, Marithé + François Girbaud, Celine, People Are People, Sebago, SM Men’s Fashion, SM Accessories, Baleno, Salvatore Mann, Markus, Milanos, SM Ladies’ Fashion, Main Street, Uberto Duranti, Markus, and Parisian.

This is to promote the center’s impressive lineup of local and international brands and the unique shopping experience at Araneta Center. Score your favorite fashion picks during the centerwide 3-DAY SALE on September 28, 29, & 30.

See you there! 🙂


19 thoughts on “Stylist for a Day at Araneta Center’s Dress Me Up Event

  1. Styling is what I do with my daughter. It is a fun thing to do for a mom like me, but styling for other people esp. men? Wahh.. di ko keri. Haha. That’s why hubby doesn’t like me to be his shopping companion. Haha!


  2. Wow! You and Rhea did a wonderful styling job. My fave among these are the first 2 photos. Both outfits look so trendy and fun~ 😀 Anyway, voting for your works! 😉


  3. You did a great job with the styling. The models looked super chic. Best of luck. 🙂

    Re: beauty/fashion industry. It’s not as fabulous as it sounds. LOL. I got tired after 3 years and I had to reconsider my career path.


  4. I think you did great! When I shoot without a stylist, I really wish I were one but I have no fashion sense at all. Maybe we can work on a concept shoot sometime.

    I like your writing. 🙂


    1. Hi Maita! Sure! No problem! Just send me an email when you want to do that shoot! hahah Thank you! I really appreciate that since I put up this blog as a venue to improve my writing more than anything else 😀


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