Everyday Essentials Giveaway

It took me ages to do another giveaway but I hope this one’s going to be worth your wait. Today, I’m giving away some products that you might consider as everyday essentials – soap, toner, feminine wash, face cream, and cologne.

I’ll go through some of the products in detail now starting with these fragrances from Lewis and Pearl. You will get two colognes and one body spray so no matter what your preference in scents, you’ll hopefully find one among the three that you will like.

You will also get this set from Kojie San, which contains their Papaya soap, Papaya lotion, and face lightening cream.

Lastly, the winner will also get a feminine wash from PH Care plus a hand sanitizer and toner from Kojie San.

The mechanics are simple and I’m sure you guys already know the drill. All you have to do to get the chance to win are the following:

1. Like my Facebook page.

2. Follow me on Twitter.

3. Log in your entries to the Rafflecopter app found on my Facebook page to qualify and to unlock more options to gain more entries.

The contest will run until October 10, 2012 and I shall announce the winner the day after.

Now I’ll keep this post short as I’m not feeling very well today. Time to sleep!!!

Good luck, everyone! πŸ˜€





72 thoughts on “Everyday Essentials Giveaway

  1. My daily beauty essential is taking a 30-minute bath with extra time for scrubbing. Secondary essential would be my magnesium oil — I massage it all over for maintaining my baby skin despite my nearing to 30.


  2. I see to it that i moisturize my skin daily,twice a week i use natural face mask like oatmeal with milk..& jog to maintain healthy skin


  3. i love it! i want to have it Lewis and Pearl,Kojie San Papaya soap, Papaya lotion, and face lightening cream & feminine wash from PH Care plus a hand sanitizer and toner from Kojie San. i tried all this product are proven & very effective!!!


  4. My everyday beauty essentials
    in face-silka facial cleanser,MYRA E hand and body lotion,belo essential,lip balm,ponds facial wash.
    in body-PH care femininewash,Glutamax soap,glutamax lotion,bath and body works lotion,shea cashmere hand lotion,mark & spencer shower gel. hehehe dami noh i want to be so FLUFFY smooth skin i like! and smells good!


  5. My daily essential is face moisturizer, lotion, cologne and powder sometimes i use lipgloss with spf when i go out.


  6. my daily essential: ALL ORGANICS CLEAN RINSE – I can’t live without it because I don’t use alcohol anymore as it can deplete my magnesium level.


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