OOTD: Warm It Up

Hello, everyone! I wish you all are having a nice time this Sunday.

I’ve been so swamped lately, leaving me no time to gather my thoughts and write. This is why I’ve been absent from my blog lately. I relegated today as my rest day, though, so now I will start my day by writing a post for you guys.

This is an outfit I wore to the two events I went to last Thursday – a new fragrance launch (watch out for my post about it) and a fashion party. Because I didn’t want to spend money to buy a new outfit, I scoured my closet for something that I have rarely worn. This dress popped out.




I got this dress from my friend Yeni and her online store Cabbage Valentine. I’ve only worn this dress once before because I felt like it was a difficult dress to wear. The silky fabric hugs every curve thus showing every flaw. The bare back calls for ounces of courage and confidence but I thought what the hell, it’s such a waste of good dress if I leave it in my closet forever.

I didn’t accessorize so much because the dress itself was already a show stopper. I got the bib from St. Francis and borrowed the belt from Rhea. Incidentally, she also took the photos. It’s nice having her around because she’s from the same hometown as myself and I finally have someone again to talk to using my native language, Chavacano.

Starting today, I promise you that you are going to be flooded by posts from my blog. I have so much to share now plus several giveaways to do so you better watch out!

Til later, friends! Toodles! xxx


7 thoughts on “OOTD: Warm It Up

  1. that color looks great on you! i never wear red because it makes me look very…chola, as my mexican friend tells me. You look great!


  2. Wow, that dress screams sexy! Glad that you’ve worn it ’cause sayang nga if it’ll just stay in your closet. Anyway, love how you styled it up with a bib necklace and a simple belt.. 🙂 Love the shoes din, but I agree with Tom, they don’t look too comfy nga.


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